A Couple of Thoughts

Mark Tobola

A Couple of Thoughts

2 mins
December 14, 2021

Part One

I try hard not to talk about things that may rile folks up.  But sometimes, I feel that I have to share my thoughts, because I hear so many people telling me they have the same thoughts as I do, before I share my thoughts.

Back on October 28th, one of the news articles relates to the last Presidential Election.  Now, stop there - Let me finish where I'm going before anyone jumps to a conclusion!  The point of this particular article was about how one very rich figure donated a ton of money towards "one side" of the election.  Ok, that's nothing unusual.  But the money got used in ways that has put other men in jail...  And those other men had far, far smaller amounts of money in play...  

How am I aware of this?  Well, all if this is readily found in news headlines all over, and has been retold dozens, if not hundreds of times.  But what has me, yet again, is how... The last election and it's judges and the like all say it's fine... But before this election, it was illegal and put people in jail.  And I'm looking at that exact fact and my brain is rattling off a lot of questions, to which I am finding zero answers.  And I've already verified that those laws involved with the topic in question have not changed.

Now does that mean anything has been done wrong?  I don't know.  Am I some sort of "expert" on these things?  Absolutely not!  Nor am I attempting to pose as one!  But it is another of those things that is making me ask for the facts to be presented, so that we, as the American People, can know the facts.  I've heard it stated like this:  "In God we trust; all others must provide data."  I'm not finding data, but am finding what I'd consider to be a "blanket statement" that is implying there is data.

As usual, I'm just looking for facts.  And those facts are not being laid out, at all.  They are being torn to pieces by big mouths in the media, who are injecting their imaginations and opinions where facts should be.  And many people aren't understanding that those people who used to investigate and relay facts are now instead just entertainers, saying whatever it takes to get ratings...  So what are the facts?  Well I hope to find out.  And if I ever do, I will be sure to share them here!

Part Two

There was recently a large climate summit, and there they discussed a lot having to do with the status of the world climate and environment.  They discussed a great many things having to do with cutting carbon emissions, helping to ease the stresses that are placed on the planet.

I was just going about my day today and I saw a "comedy" routine posted that caught my eye.  In it, a person is shopping for groceries, and is about to check out.  There is a discussion back and forth about paper or plastic... the customer asks for paper... the clerk says there's no paper, only plastic, which is bad for the environment.  The clerk then says to the customer that the customer should have known and brought their own fabric, reusable shopping bags along.

The customer apologizes for not having thought of that and explains why this whole "green thing" is new to them.  And shares about how while growing up, their house had one television, one phone, no computers, no tablets, no cell phones... how clothes were handed down, mended and re-used, patches put in on work pants or work shirts... how shoes were repaired.

As this continued, I found myself realizing how much our older generations knew and lived "Green" more than people realize.  Even growing up on the farm, we had machinery that we could measure fuel burn in gallons per day, and today's tractors are in gallons per hour.  My grandmother had cloth shopping bags she used, and told me she could carry them better and didn't have to worry about them tearing.  The article even mentioned cutting the lawn with a push reel mower, and how you padded your glassware for storage in crumpled newspapers, not bubble wrap.

Maybe what is old... is new again?  Maybe it's time to look back at those "olden days" solutions to help us out today?  Maybe those who came before us have far more valuable lessons to teach us than we realize?

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Mark Tobola

Mark Tobola is a resident of Thorp and weekly columnist.