A Desperate Cry for Warmth and Shelter

A Desperate Cry for Warmth and Shelter

2 mins
December 7, 2021

by Scott Marrier

Pastor Mike Henry is a shepherd without a fold, leaving church ministry for street ministry, instead. He pastors the homeless. 

During normal years, the homeless population in Eau Claire numbers only 15-20 persons. This year, according to Pastor Mike, that population has spiked to nearly 150…and they are desperately in need of warmth and shelter. That’s where we need your help.

Hands Foundation has been able to wrangle socks and sleeping bags but the real need is in tents. One- to two-person tents are especially needed. Other items we need are 3x-5x winter coats and 2x gloves and mittens.

Pastor Mike issued the following statement in the Chippewa Valley Street Ministry Journal on Monday.

The weather forecast for the next week is concerning for all of our safety however the safety of those we serve is critical. Not only will the temperatures be falling but the wind will be a factor in the conditions.  There are still few places for people to go during the day once they leave the shelter.  Imagine leaving home around 7am or 8am and having no choice but to stay outdoors until you return to your home around 12 hour later. No one should be required to live like this.

Eau Claire until recently had a large homeless shelter but they have closed it down. There remains a small shelter but is nowhere large enough to accommodate the 150 or so persons in need.

If you can help with the tents, gloves, mittens, and winter jackets/coats, we would be grateful. Items can be dropped off at O-W Sports & Liquor in Owen, DJ’s Farm and Home in Thorp, or call Deb Marrier at 715.797.4757 or Scott Marrier at 715.797.5633. We will even pick up.

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