Antlerless Gun and Bow Hunt

Jackie Reinke

Antlerless Gun and Bow Hunt

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December 16, 2020

You may now wear camouflage while bow hunting as all deer gun seasons have concluded. You may continue to archery hunt through the 1st Sunday in January.

There is an Antlerless Gun and Bow Hunt December 24-January1 but only in 6 select counties in Wisconsin. For more information see the Fall 2020-Spring2021 Wisconsin Hunting Regulations available at O-W Sports, Owen.

The temperatures have produced 3-4 inches of ice on most area lakes but be extra careful and check the ice depth wherever you go as depths are not the same everywhere. Northern are being caught as well as perch. Crappie seem a little more finicky. With no snow cover on the ice and warm temps the vegetation may be enough to keep the crappie in the deeper water until they have to come in to feed. It was also suggested, when fishing for crappie set up a tip-down and back away as the fish can see you through the ice until we get some cover. Happy fishing and stay safe.

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