Blackhawks Lose to Indians

Blackhawks Lose to Indians

2 mins
December 28, 2020

by Coach Russ Weiler

The Blackhawks found it rough going Monday night versus the visiting Indians from Greenwood as they could find a flow on either end of the court and their inconsistencies caught up to them in a 57-42 loss.

Both teams played even early as neither team could find an advantage on either end. A couple early hoops by Senior Aaron Ovyn kept the Hawks even, Tyler Weaver later got a nice pass from Caleb Geldernick to help the Hawks in the scoring column. Roy Stinson would follow up his own miss for a hard-earned basket. Another Geldernick pass found Logan Amacher open for a three at the Hawks found themselves down 20-17. A short offensive run by Greenwood put the Hawks behind 27-20 at the half.

The Blackhawks battled the turnover bug the entire second half as they took opportunities away from themselves with some uncharacteristic turnovers. Ovyn and Amacher provided most of the scoring early in the half. Later, a nice full court pass from Amacher to Geldernick for a lay-up would cut the lead to 40-34. Turnovers by the Hawks would then hurt their chances to make a comeback, as the Hawks would find some success with their full court pressure with a pair of Carter Klabon baskets. In the end, Greenwood held strong and the Hawks lost 57-42.

Both teams shot limited free throws, Greenwood was 4 of 8 from the line and the Blackhawks finished 5 of 7.

Box Score: Amacher 12, Ovyn 11, Stinson 8, Geldernick 5, Klabon 4, Weaver 2.

Coach's Comments:

We didn't play well tonight.  We were sloppy with the ball at times which was costly with 20 turnovers. The guys have done a pretty solid job improving our communication on the court this year, but tonight we simply didn't do it.

We will learn and improve from this game. The guys are always looking to improve and know what needs to be done. Even though it was a step back, this game will make us better as we will learn from it.

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