Blaming Obama for the Border Crisis

Blaming Obama for the Border Crisis

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March 22, 2021

Dear Editor -

The border crisis is an absolutely despicable, harmful abuse to these young, yes young, children (ages 3 to 16 years of age) coming to our country. Oh, how many of you screamed and hollered when President Trump placed some of the immigrants in the cages that were made during the Obama-Biden presidency. 

As of now, 3/20/21, neither Biden nor Harris have gone to Mexico to see this crisis of over 16,000 children and neither will say it is a crisis. These are children, mostly young with no parents with them. So, I suggest we place many of these children at the United States Capitol where they could be taken care of and certainly will be safe as it has a wall, fence, wire and guarded by many of our patriotic beloved United States guardsmen and women. (This is per the Democrats demand.) 

Also, I suggest more will be taken to Pelosi's gated yard and home to be taken care of and fed, also Schumer’s next, and more.

Good idea…of course.

Millie Lindgren, Withee

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