Calcium is Critical for Immune Function

Dr. John Briggs

Calcium is Critical for Immune Function

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October 12, 2020

Calcium is a critical intracellular messenger and regulator of cell function. It’s the primary regulator of movement in the body. It’s the ionized fraction that’s physiologically active and homeostatically regulated. Most critically ill patients have low concentrations of albumin and will have low total calcium concentrations in the blood. 


Albumen is a fraction of protein that regulates fluid balance in the blood. Both protein and calcium are dynamically influenced by stomach acid. Low acid leads to low protein absorption and reduced ionized calcium. 

In the American Journal of Medicine, the following is quoted. “The mortality of the hypocalcemic patients (44 percent) was significantly greater than the mortality of the normocalcemic patients (17 percent). These findings suggest that hypocalcemia is a very common abnormality in acutely ill patients and is associated with a poor prognosis.” 

Dengue Fever

Dengue is one of the most important emerging viral diseases globally. A study done by the International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science on Dengue and Calcium has this conclusion. “Hypocalcemia is seen in cases with severe dengue and has been purported to be associated with increased mortality. In vitro studies on animals and human tissue link calcium with the infectivity of dengue virus and the immune response to dengue. Intracellular calcium derangements have been linked with myocarditis and dengue-related cardiac dysfunction.” 

The Dangers of Sunlight

In a lecture by Dr. Royal Lee on Vitamin C, Infection, Polio and Calcium, he goes into much detail on natural vitamin C and calcium in its role in preventing Polio. The following segment is of particular importance in how our environment can impact health in the absence of proper nutrition. “Polio comes on when the victim is out in the sun, is over exposed to sunlight, maybe in bathing and muscular exercise in excess exhausts the calcium reserves. The extra vitamin D produced by that sun pulls all the calcium out of the tissues back into the blood and you have the stage set for a polio attack merely because of the tissue fluid deficiency of calcium and probably of the other protective vitamins. As soon as we have a frost and swimming is over with and the youngsters but back on their clothes, there’s no more polio danger. Sure, we know polio is caused by a virus but the virus cannot bother us unless we have a calcium deficiency.” Here again, we see where calcium deficits increase the damage done by viruses. 

Hypocalcemia and COVID

In a research letter called ENDOCRINE, the topic was, “Hypocalcemia is highly prevalent and predicts hospitalization in patients with COVID-19.” In the article this statement is made: “Previous studies have reported that calcium played a central role in viral infectious and replicative mechanisms of SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and Ebola virus. In a large group of SARS patients in North America, hypocalcemia was detected in 60% of patients at hospital admission and in 70% during hospitalization.”

Bring on the Orange Juice

Moreover, data from patients with Ebola virus infection in United States and European hospitals reported a similar incidence of hypocalcemia. With the effectiveness of ionized calcium in viral issues, how about co-infections often seen with diseases like Covid. In foodnavigator.com the following article was reported. “Orange juice fortified with calcium lactate/tricalcium phosphate may affect the survival rate of salmonella where as calcium citrate malate and calcium citrate fortifications have little effect.” 

Other bacteria are affected by calcium. Medscape reported on an article from Gastroenterology 2003 where they showed Calcium in milk enhances human resistance to intestinal infection and inhibits E.coli induced diarrhea. They showed that dietary calcium inhibits intestinal colonization and translocation of invasive salmonella. This should be music to the ears of those repeatedly dealing with E.coli urinary infections. 

Ionized Calcium

As seen above, many calciums aren’t effective in the system. We need ionized calcium to truly protect and boost our bodies ability to defend itself from the many bacterial and viral exposures in our world. Herpes is a virus which can’t manifest its effects unless ionized calcium levels are diminished. Getting that calcium into the tissues requires essential fatty acids with two, three, and four double bonds. These are inherent as oils found in various seeds and grains. Unfortunately, they’re lost in today’s modernized milling techniques. That’s why I personally mill my own grains and use Cataplex F in my practice to improve tissue calcium uptake along with calcium lactate.

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