Public Notices
4 mins
July 27, 2020


DATE: Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020. LOCATION: Owen Community Building 833 W 3rd Street., Owen WI 54460. TIME: 6:00 p.m.

CITY OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Charles Milliren, Alderpersons: Joan Jalling, Pam Jaffke, Bob Wilczek, John Mauel, Al Wagner, and Clerk Michelle Kind


ATTENDANCE LIST: CDC/Tim Swiggum, Police Chief Ibarra, Officer Juzwiak. & Public Works Director Chad Smith

COMMUNITY ATTENDANCE: Kitara Mills/Sentinel & Rural News, Cindy Cardinal/O-W Enterprise, and Brian Chapman & Greg Adams/Cedar Corp, Ken Truman/Resident

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 6:01pm & the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Public Comment:

Truman requested a review of the curb approaches to have more temporary gravel during construction to prevent vehicles bottoming out.


Motion by Wilczek/Wagner to approve the minutes from June 9th, 2020 – see attached. Motion carried.

Pay Application #1 for Steen Construction 5th Street:

Motion by Jaffke/Mauel to approve Pay Application #1 for Steen Construction of 5th Street for 373,388.48 – see attached. Cedar Corp gave a project review and noted the project is going well and on schedule. The Railroad permit to jack & bore under the track was also approved. Grant will cover after City contributions of $500,000. Motion Carried.

CountrySide Estates additional Survey & Drainage Easement on Paul Street:

Motion by Mauel/Jalling to approve the CountrySide Estates for additional Survey & Drainage Easement on Paul Street for $2,400.00 – see attached. This should assist in planning to address the drainage issues along the area with revised culverts and pond water storage. The water storage area can be developed for safety concerns as well as aesthetics such as a butterfly garden or walking path. Some Residents along the area were also spoken to by Chapman of Cedar Corp regarding the easements needed and history of water flow. Motion Carried.

CountrySide Estates Wetland Delineation Presentation:

Cedar Corp provided a presentation for the CountrySide Estates Wetland Delineation presentation – see attached. No wetlands were discovered.

Chippewa Valley Housing Authority Contract:

Motion by Wilczek/Jaffke to approve the Chippewa Valley Housing Authority Contract for the Administration of loans to residents for home improvements – see attached. Pamphlets will be available for Residents at the Office. Motion Carried.

CARES Election Subgrant Program for COVID expenses:

Motion by Mauel/Jalling to approve Clerk Kind to apply for the CARES Election Subgrant Program for COVID expenses for $200.00 and $1.10 per voter x 500 registered voters = aprox total $750.00 – see attached. Motion Carried.

Building Committee:

Building committee will meet directly after the meeting to discuss a few plan changes then send changes to architect to the get bidding sent out. Motion Carried.

Wilczek also noted Crowley Campground had a Health Inspection completed. Land Line for dedicated phone line for emergencies, curb or lip for the sewage dump station and finalizing items from new bathroom were discussed.

Condemn/Raze Order update:

Smith reported on the condemn/raze orders for Parker/319 E 2nd St & Pribble/131 E 4th St. He is getting demolition estimates and timelines.

Driveway variance & Demolition permit for 313 N Oak Street:

Motion by Wilczek/Jalling to allow curb to be 34’ feet long at the Truman/313 N. Oak Street driveway and centered away from power pole. Street project & curb will be done in September. Per Truman, timeline for house to be demolished and gravel lot created by November 1st. Motion carried.


Motion by Jaffke/Wilczek to approve the accounts payable of $72,294.35 as presented – see attached. Motion carried.

Suggested Items for Future Agendas:

Ordinance Committee to meet and review Fire District Inspection State Statute OWPC update

Building Committee, Park & Rec Committee Clark County Treasurer Candidate Renee Schoen

Temporary street closure on Central Ave on August 8th for the Customer Appreciation celebration at the

L.A.S.T. Ace. & Skunky’s

Mayor Milliren adjourned the meeting at 7:20pm Next Council meeting is Tues. July 14th.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Kind, Clerk/Treasurer WCMC


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