Public Notices
5 mins
August 10, 2020


Tuesday, July 14th, 2020. Owen Community Building 833 W 3rd Street., Owen WI 54460, 6:00 p.m.

CITY OFFICIALS PRESENT: Alderpersons: Joan Jalling, Pam Jaffke, Bob Wilczek, John Mauel, Al Wagner, Ken Martine and Clerk Michelle Kind. CITY OFFICIALS EXCUSED: Mayor Charles Milliren. ATTENDANCE LIST: CDC/Tim Swiggum, Police Chief Ibarra, Officer Juzwiak. & Public Works Director Chad Smith. COMMUNITY ATTENDANCE: Kitara Mills/Sentinel & Rural News, Cindy Cardinal/O-W Enterprise, Mr. & Mrs. Schoen

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by Jaffke at 6:03pm & the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Public Comment

Clark County Treasurer Candidate Renee Schoen greeted the attendees and discussed her past work experience and current work with the County assisting over 46 municipalities. Schoen noted her reasons for running for office and noted her purpose, mission, and goals for the Treasurer position and asked them to get out and vote August 11th.


Motion by Jalling/Wilczek to approve the minutes from June 23rd, 2020 – see attached. Motion carried.

Beverage Server Applications

Motion by Wilczek/Maul to approve the following Beverage Server Applications for Boerst, Duesterbeck, Reinking, & Swiggum. Motion Carried.

Public Works Position

Motion by Martine/Wagner to approve CJ Kruescher for the full time Public Works position starting 8/3/2020 at $19.00/hour with two weeks’ vacation. Motion carried.

5th Street Financing

Motion by Jalling/Maul to approve Forward Bank proposal for loan financing for the 5th Street Public Works project of $500,000 at 2.72% locked in for 10 years, with semi-annual payments, loan amortization of 15 years and a $100 loan origination fee. These funds are used in combination with the CDBG-PF funds in the City’s General Fund to finance the project. Motion Carried.

Raze Order Updates

Smith reported the estimates for the demolition, rates of hauling away the waste, and inspection for asbestos of the two properties. Also discussed was the possibility of using it for fire responding training however due to the possible asbestos and deteriorating condition of the structure this was proved not to be an option. The City is responsible to pay for the demo work and it will be applied to the taxes on the property. Smith to review after inspections are completed with cost estimates.

Building Committee

Motion by Jalling/Wagner to approve the remodeling plan for the new Community Building – see attached. Motion carried.

OWPC Report

Motion by Wilczek/Jalling to approve the report of the Committee. Details are donations received from Prevail Bank and other various sponsors. Officer Juzwiak raise of 4.55% after his review. Crown Victoria continued use with additional striping costs of $450.00 to match other squads. Equipment of

$10,505 to outfit the new Squad with low profile paint. Lexipol Service agreement of $1,549 for daily training bulletins and policy manual that will be refunded by a grant from the League of Municipalities. Moving ahead with finding Legal Counsel to draw up an agreement between Owen and Withee. Motion carried.

Ordinance Committee

Motion by Martine/Jalling to set a meeting with Ordinance Committee to meet and review Fire District Inspection State Statute. Motion carried with Wilczek abstaining.

Police Report

Call list.

Public Works

Ground Reservoir quotes for repairs to allow for several more years of water storage. Water auto meter reader quotes are being reviewed for the best options for our residents and the City. The Wastewater UV lights were inspected and sent to the insurance company as they were damaged by moisture. The mixer were installed previously but need worked to be operational and help with the alum treatments.

The vac truck tank was repaired and the CMAR report was filed. The Wastewater plant is doing a great job with lowering the phosphorus as no payment was due to the DNR.

Lab Work completed with the City of Medford as proved to provide savings.

Library Report

Motion by Martine/Wilczek to accept the report with details on current library hours, interlibrary loans, summer activities, and graphic novel contest. Library meeting tomorrow. Motion carried.

Community Development Report

Motion by Jalling/Martine to accept the report with details on the Car Show going forward to be held on Aug 8th with music, antique cars, and awards. The #Red Daisy Girl will also have their grand opening. Grown’ Owen is moving forward with the showcase garden. Flower basket watering with tractor volunteers requested. Farmers Market is doing well on Saturdays and getting more business. FEMA from last store is being finalized for reimbursement. Motion carried.

Clerk/Treasurer Report

WI Election Commission sent the $750 in COVID reimbursement grant. Utility Bills were sent out to be printed, folded, and bulk mailed out including a return envelope for a cost savings of less than the cost of the forever postage envelopes previously used. Liquor Licensing was completed today and submitted as due July 15th. All Departments are encouraged to get their information, pictures, and links added to the website so it can go live this month and discontinue the old site. Ballots for the Aug 11th election were mailed and are encouraged to be returned by election date. Bank Reconciliation for the OWPC has been finished and up to date through June of 2020. We will continue with Owen accounts next as well as Journal Entries requested by the Auditors to complete the 2019 Audit. Retirement party

plans for Dennis Looker at the end of August at Mill Pond park. Working with Joe from Yellowstone for the new building computer needs with funds from trainings not attended due to COVID. Reviewing locations with sprinklers with DPW and Fire Dept. Consumer confidence reports were mailed.


Motion by Wilczek/Jalling to approve the accounts payable of $553,873.41 including $373,388.48 to Steen for 5th Street as presented – see attached. Motion carried.

Suggested Items for Future Agendas

Personnel for Owen Handbook review, Park & Rec committee, Licensing committee to review additional liquor licensing options, Ordinance committee with Fire District update, and Car show.

Alderman Jaffke adjourned the meeting at 7:53pm Next Council meeting is Tues. July 28th.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Kind, Clerk/Treasurer WCMC


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