Public Notices
5 mins
August 17, 2020



DATE: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

LOCATION: Owen Community Building 833 W 3rd Street., Owen WI 54460

TIME: 6:00pm

CITY OFFICIALS PRESENT: Mayor Charles Milliren

Alderpersons: Joan Jalling, Pam Jaffke, Bob Wilczek, John Mauel, Al Wagner, Ken Martine and Clerk Michelle Kind


ATTENDANCE LIST: CDC/Tim Swiggum, Police Chief Ibarra, Officer Haugstad & Public Works Director Chad Smith, and Brian Chapman of Cedar Corp

COMMUNITY ATTENDANCE: Tony Wallace, Dick Peterson, Larry Hodnett, Rick Mulboush, Nicole Rogers/Sentinel & Rural News, and Cindy Cardinal/O-W Enterprise

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by Milliren at 6:03pm & the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Public Comment:



Motion by Wilczek/Martine to approve the minutes from July 14th with corrections, 2020 – see attached. Motion carried.

Temporary street closure for Customer Appreciation at L.A.S.T. Ace. & Skunky’s Bar:

Motion by Jaffke/Jalling to approve the car parking spots and sidewalk to be closed off from 10am-8pm on Saturday August 8th, from Last Ace to Skunky’s Bar with City barriers for their Customer Appreciation celebration. Motion Carried.

Temporary street closure on 8/15 for the Owen Car Show:

Motion by Wilczek/Martine to approve the temporary street closure for the Owen Car Show on both sides of the street from the Woodland Hotel to the Owen Library from 10am – midnight. The Ribbon Cutting for #Red Daisy Girl will also be held that day and there will be music and food vendors. Motion Carried.

Class “B” Beer License for the #Red Daisy Girl, Agent Carey Hargot, 130 N. Central:

Motion by Wilczek/Wagner to approve of the Class “B” beer license for above. Motion carried.

It was noted her original license application included Liquor and Wine but changes were made as they currently do not have a restaurant for wine and there is not an open Liquor license available currently.

Beverage Server Applications:

Motion by Jaffke/Maul to approve of the second request for a beverage server application for Anthony Wallace as Chief noted the charges in the bar were dropped by the DA and dismissed. Motion carried.

CDBG - 5th Street and Colman Street Project update:

Chapman of Cedar Corp gave a review of the 5th street project. Curb & gutter will be staked the week of

the 10th, the Jack & Bore was also completed. A letter to Residents will be sent with for details on the curb & gutter. The budget bid came in originally at $1,085,000, including now the jack & bore and construction budget we are near the 1.3-1.4 Million. We can go up to $1.5 with the $500,000 City contribution so several other smaller items are being discussed to be added. Oak Street new utilities, ditch at the end of Coleman to be dug out to increase efficiency and include rip rap. Utilities on Linden and 4th/5th at end of alley to be reviewed as it floods. Bank Funding for Owen’s portion should be wrapped up this week. Chapman noted change orders will be done at the end of the project and grouped together.

Final Pay request for Mill Pond Trail Connection project to Haas Sons Inc: – see attached

Motion by Martine/Maul to approve the final pay request to Haas for $68,072.50. Motion carried. DNR grant was also discussed.

Final Pay request for 2019 Street project to Haas Sons Inc:

Motion by Wilczek/Jaffke to approve the pay request revised to Hass for $145,733.13 in leu of the

$150,733.13 requested. Additional grass restoration to be done so $5,000 is being held. Council approved to hold back these funds until Smith/DPW approves the restoration is completed. Motion carried.

Resolution 2020-3 for Fair Housing:

Motion by Wilczek/Jaffke to approve the attached Resolution 2020-03 as requested and written by the Fair Housing Authority. A notice in the newspaper will also be posted. Motion carried.

Building Committee:

Wilczek reported he is reviewing items with Ratch Engineering and waiting for another meeting to discuss the details.  Kind and Ibarra met with Yellowstone Computing to review the security and camera placement and number needed for the police as well as the office area. Key cards were recommended as the County will also be renting office space rather than keys. Server for the PD will be in the evidence room and shared by the PD dept. The office will be on its own server due to Police needing to be separated. Kind noted entrances and exits would be under security but not the employees themselves. Updates to the Council chamber will include a TV with internet access, remote system for presenters with a pointer, live feed with audio, and overhead projector. Computers will be updated for the Clerk and Deputy clerk with the funds from the training budget not used this year so that existing computers can be used by CDC and a floating space for Council, Guests, or expansion. Bid process for September with construction this fall with an estimated move in of early in 2021.

Personnel Committee:

Motion by Wilczek/Jaffke to approve of the Personnel recommendation to give all recently hired employees the same two weeks’ vacation to be in line with the PW new hire and to be fair to all. Clerk to review the vacation allotted and add a week for Bottlemy, Kind, Ibarra, and Juzwiak with Rau being prorated. Motion carried.

This will allow Owen to be able to compete with other companies. The Committee will meet again soon to discuss the Employee Handbook.

TeamCare Insurance was also discussed for new hires. Jalling explained employees are encouraged to be vested in the plan with an 8-week buy in period and this keeps costs down for all companies so there is an 8 week waiting period to join. COBRA can cover the gap between employers. The Participation agreement notes this, and the 8 weeks of premiums are paid by Owen for the employee and then they are covered after the waiting period.

Ordinance Committee:

Motion by Jaffke/Jalling to approve Ordinance Committee recommendations for Ordinances. The attached Fire Protection ordinance to be approved as provided. Additional Ordinances will be forwarded to the Ordinance Lawyer for: leaving an animal in an unattended vehicle, Public Naissances calls from 3 to 2 with the Owner of a property could also be sited, and Residency Requirements for Owen employees to 25 miles. The license updates with a continuation of business were tabled for a future meeting with the six Liquor License holders per Milliren. Additional Ordinances suggested by the Attorney will also be reviewed. The Ordinances will be drafted and brought back to Council for review and posting then passed. Motion carried.

Convene into Closed Session:

Motion by Maul/Jaffke to go into closed session at 7:00pm Under WI S. S. 19.85(1)(g) for conferring with Legal Counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is or is likely to become involved regarding CountrySide Estates and Review of Restrictive covenants. Motion carried.

Roll Call: Charlie Milliren, Joan Jalling, Ken Martine, Pam Jaffke, Bob Wilczek, John Mauel, Allen Wagner

Reconvene into Open Session:

Motion by Wilczek/Wagner to reconvene into Open Session at 7:26pm. Motion carried.

License Committee:

Discussion held on the Licensing committee minutes regarding the available Liquor licenses, how and when they can be used, as well as the current license holders and the requests from current businesses to obtain one should it come available. Several licensing rules and regulations were discussed. El Pinal Mexican restaurant and the #Red Daisy Girl have requested interest. Several detailed discussions were made with the owner of #Red Daisy Girl and DOJ but at this time they are not adding a restaurant.

Swiggum of the Woodland Hotel made note they have been making several building improvements and have finished the 3rd floor apartments/hotel. They are building a bar and restaurant with full kitchen on the main level and the basement will hold a Cavern Tavern. Jalling noted she wants to see Owen’s businesses grow. She also inquired on the licenses if all the paperwork was in and everyone was paid up to date. It was noted that they were all paid in full prior to the 6/30/20 expiration date but one establishment had to provide their permit and certificate. Mayor Milliren requested a meeting to be held of the 6 license holders to hold a discussion for their recommendation to be held in the next few weeks.

Park & Rec Committee:

Campground Advertising is still being reviewed. We are looking to abate the mosquitos at the campground. As the Crowley park showers are now finished and are under budget, we are moving forward with the Dog Park at Crowley Park $10,000-$12,000 for the dog fence and double gated area. The dog park will have signage to remind the owners.

The playground equipment will be placed aprox. in right field of the current ball field. The light poles will be evaluated and see if they need to be taken down as one fell. The Pavilion will be at the center of Crowley Park on top of the current slab, no electrical will be in this price. A total of $75,000 was provided by a gift from the

Motion by Maul/Martine to approve the Brubaker Construction quote of $11,333.49 for the Pavilion at the Crowley Park. Motion carried.

Motion by Mauel/Wagner to approve the dog park with the remaining funds after the Pavilion is finished. Motion carried.


Motion by Wilczek/Jalling to approve the accounts payable of $68,766.40 as presented – see attached. Motion carried.

Suggested Items for Future Agendas:

Raze Orders, Personnel meeting for Kind 6-month review Mon 4:30, OWPC moved to Monday 8/4, Campground Advertising, and Liquor Licenses/Ordinances

Mayor Milliren adjourned the meeting at 8:15pm Next Council meeting is Tues. Aug 11th at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted, Michelle Kind, Clerk/Treasurer WCMC

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