Clark County Ghost Communities: The village of Tioga

Kris Leonhardt

Clark County Ghost Communities: The village of Tioga

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May 19, 2022

By Kris Leonhardt

CLARK COUNTY – Nathaniel Caldwell (N.C.) Foster was born in Tioga County, New York, in 1834. At the age of 20, he left New York for Wisconsin with $250 in his pocket. He settled in the Green Bay area and went to work in the lumber industry and soon found his way into ownership.

He entered into a partnership with George Cooke, and the pair became two of the “wealthiest men in Brown County.”

As the lumber supply began to taper off there, Foster sought new ground. In 1876, he relocated his sawmill to Fairchild. There, the N.C.Foster Lumber Company saw a shift from lumber operations to the development ofan agricultural community.

Foster began platting communities along his Fairchild & Northeastern Railway heading northeast toward Greenwood.

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Kris Leonhardt

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