Clark County Marriage Licenses

Clark County Marriage Licenses

Public Notices
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July 13, 2021

5/5/21: Mead Township, Atlee J. Keim, Hendren Township and Miriam N. Miller, Mead Township.

5/6/21: Lynn Township, Enos. W. Miller, Lynn Township and Barbara D. Borntrager, Lynn Township.

5/8/21: Wood County, Joseph S. Knetter, Wood County and Erin N. Nolt, Lynn Township.

5/15/21: Neillsville, Andrew L. Johnson, Neillsville and Julie L. Simek, Neillsville.

Pine Valley Township, Cody C. Kloeffler, Neillsville and Angie M. Heckl, Neillsville.

5/22/21: Pine Valley Township, Tyler T. Ehlen, Pine Valley Township and Karin M. Crank, Pine Valley Township.

5/23/21: City of Abbotsford, Coralie Lugo, City of Abbotsford and Joshua Rodriguez, City of  Abbotsford.

Polk County, Brandon M. Walker, Georgia and Sabrina F. Hoff, City of Thorp.

5/27/21: Grant Township, David E. Miller, Taylor County and Esther C. Kempf, Grant Township.

5/29/2021: Racine County, Joseph A. Rondorf, Town of Reseburg and Michele L. Stefanich, Town of Reseburg.

City of Abbotsford, Matthew F. Wilcox, Township of Green Grove and Marion E. Glime, Township of Green Grove.

6/3/21: Townhship of Fremont, Clemens R. Borntrager, Town of Fremont and 

Kathryn E. Stutzman, Town of Fremont.

6/4/21: Worden Township, Sylvan E. Martin, Pennsylvania and Jennifer S. Leid, Reseburg Township.

6/5/2021: Township of Lincoln, Wood County, Austin T. Dunlap, Greenwood and Katie L. Beyer, 


Township of Sherman, Delmar L. Martin, Township of Grant and Melissa G. Martin, Township of Grant.

Grant County, Steven M. Brubacker, Loyal Township and Carolyn M. High, Grant County.

6/9/21: Township of Fremont, Eddie M. Miller, Township of Fremont and Laura A. Stutzman, Township of Fremont.

6/10/21: Township of York, Isaac J. Glick, Taylor County, Town of Aurora and Anna J. Miller, Township of York.

6/11/21: Township of Lynn, Adin M. Stutzman, Township of Fremont and Susie J. Borntreger,

Township of Lynn.

Town of Fremont , Orva J. Miller, Town of Grant and Edna A. Miller, Town of Fremont.

City of Abbotsford, Dallas M. Wiese, City of Abbotsford and Lynsie L. Miller, City of Abbotsford.

City of Owen, Coleton Grambsch, Town of Sherman and Breuna Schultz, Town of Sherman.

6/12/21: Township of Withee, Nelson L. Hoover, Chippewa County, Town of Edson and Regina D. Shirk, Township of Reseburg.

Township of Loyal, Joshua R. Butler, Village of Granton and Kirsty Fahey, Village of Granton.

Marathon County, James Detjens, City of Owen and Kassi Krahn, City of Owen.

6/19/21: Township of Pine Valley, Kaleb K. Grap, City of Neillsville and Samantha J. Pfeiffer, Township of Pine Valley.

City of Marshfield, Shayne L. Schoelzel, Township of Beaver and Emily A. Nikolai, Township of Beaver.

6/26/21: Chippewa County, Steven J. Wozniak, City of Colby and Jessica E. Boston, City of Colby.

City of Neillsville, Christopher Bryan, Township of Pine Valley and Karissa Hart, Township of Pine Valley.

6/27/21: Rusk County, Jose A. Oquendo Morales, City of Abbotsford and Angela Sanchez Bautista, City of Abbotsford.

7/1/21: Township of Warner, Harold B. Shirk, Township of Mayville and Anne L. Zimmerman, Township of Warner.

7/2/21: Township of Pine Valley, Hazen W. Hawkes, Township of Pine Valley and Mya R. Elmhorst, Township of Pine Valley.

7/3/21: Rusk County, Derek W. Nixdorf, Village of Dorchester and Ashley G.A. Miller, Village of Dorechester.

7/6/21: Township of Hoard, Jonathon S. Zimmerman,  Township of Green Grove and Jolene M. Zimmerman, Township of Hoard.

7/10/21: Price County, Timothy M. Olson, City of Owen and Amy M. Hills, City of Owen.

Taylor County, Michael A. Zelms, City of Colby and Kimberly M. Lenz, City of Colby.

7/15/21: Township of York, Andrew U. Mast, Township of Grant and Emma M. Yoder, Township of York.

7/17/21: Door County: Jereme T. Resech, Township of Mayville and Dena J. Lorenz, St. Croix County.

Township of Loyal, Michael H. Zimmerman, Township of Fremont and Twila R. Horst, Township of Loyal.

7/24/21: Township of Hendren, Joseph D. Dreier, Kandiyohi County, MN and Atumn R. Slowiak, Handiyohi County, MN.

7/30/21: Chippewa County, Brandon D. Herring, City of Thorp and Kayla E. Sauer, City of Thorp.

7/31/21: Marathon County, Jonathon H. Hederer, City of Greenwood and Beth A. Meyer, City of Greenwood.

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