Clark County Marriage Licenses

Clark County Marriage Licenses

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August 17, 2021

Clark County Marriage Licenses

8/7/2021: Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Cty., Ryan H. Untiedt, Town of Green Grove, and Emma M. Kirtz, Town of Green Grove.

8/8/2021: Town of Mentor, Justin D. Heinonen, Town of Mentor, and Karlee M. Bertrang, Town of Mentor.

Chippewa County, Bailey S. Venet, City of Greenwood, and Annemarie E. Edwards, City of Greenwood.

8/14/2021: Edgar, Marathon County, Robin L. Weiss, City of Colby, and Kendra P. Bellendorf, City of Colby.

8/21/2021: Glen Flora, Rusk County, John P. Burch, Town of Beaver, and Lucinda M. Ingersoll, Town of Beaver.

City of Pittsville, Nathaniel R. Jahn, Township of Hewett and Jennifer R. Edmond, Township of Hewett. 

City of Thorp, Kenneth R. Schneider, City of Thorp, and Jessica A Carlson, Village of Withee. 

City of Thorp, Cole G. Frese, Township of Mead, and Crystal K. Stickler, Township of Mead.

8/24/2021: Town of Green Grove, Marlin Ray Brubacher, Town of Longwood, and Rose A. Newswanger, Town of Green Grove.

8/26/2021: Township of Mayville, Leon Z. Weaver, Township of Colby, and Marilyn B. Shirk, Township of Mayville.

8/28/2021: Township of Loyal, Randall J. Brubacker, Township of Colby, and Anna M. High, Township of Loyal.

City of Neillsville, Joseph A Boyer, City of Neillsville, and Lauren E. Cornell, City of Neillsville.

City of Abbotsford, Dustin D. Feddick, Village of Unity, and Emilie J. Greenberg, Village of Unity.

City of Neillsville, Cody J. Friemoth, City of Neillsville, and Kendra M. Pfeiffer, City of Neillsville.

9/4/2021: Village of Curtiss, Joseph T. Dunaj, Township of Green Grove, and Lori A Zinsli, Township of Green Grove.

Township of Hendren, William L.C. Baker, Township of Pine Valley, and Bethany A. West, Township of Pine Valley.

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