Clark County Marriage Licenses

Clark County Marriage Licenses

Public Notices
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November 9, 2021

October 2021

10/1/21: City of Neillsville, Dylan J.J. Gerber, City of Loyal and Katerin J. Santiago Figueroa, City of Loyal.

Village of Granton, Cristopher A. Marquez Munoz, Village of Granton and Loreto A. Lopez Cortes, Village of Granton.

10/2/21: Chippewa County, Garrett M. Schuebel, Township of Green Grove and Kayla G. Smith, Township of Green Grove.

Village of Granton, Roger A. Huth, Village of Granton and Debbie A. Woodin, Township of Grant.

Marathon County, City of Wausua, Ryan C. Rausch, City of Owen and Dawn M. Mlejnek, City of Owen.

Township of Hixon, Leroy H. Martin, Township of Hixon and Rhoda M. Stoltzfus, Pinal County, AZ.

10/7/21: Township of Loyal, Levi Yoder, Township of Weston and Naomi N. Swartzentruber, Township of Loyal.

Township of Reseburg, James Z. Nolt, Township of Colby and Lillian S. Zimmerman, Township of Reseburg.

10/9/21: City of Neillsville, Billy T. Zeitler, City of Owen and Allison M. Milbert, City of Owen.

Township of Loyal, Kesler W. Schuette, Township of Beaver and Rachael A. M. Reis, Township of Beaver.

Township of Withee, Merle E. Martin, Township of Hoard and Julie Z. Martin, Township of Longwood.

10/10/21: Jackson County, Quinton S. Thryselius, Township of Hewett and Sarah M. Reed, Township of Hewett.

10/14/21: Township of Withee, Harvey L. Zimmerman, Township of Thorp and Ellen Z. Zimmerman, Township of Withee.

10/16/21: Wood County, Randy R. Rueth, City of Loyal and Crystal R. Ashbeck, City of Loyal.

Village of Cadott, Jake M. Halterman, Township of Worden and Mariah A. Podolak, Township of Worden.

10/21/21: Township of Loyal, Amos J. Gingerich, Township of Sherman and Barbara E. Hershberger, Township of Loyal.

Township of Longwood, James C. Conn, Township of Longwood and Kristy M. Brunner, Township of Longwood.

Township of Worden, Eugene H. Horst, Township of Thorp and Janice W. Zimmerman, Township of Worden.

10/23/21: Township of Fremont, Nicholas G. Cline, Township of Grant and Alanna K. Dix, Township of Grant.

City of Colby, Bradley E. Wilke, Township of Loyal and Veronica A. D. Nikolai, Township of Beaver.

10/29/21: Chippewa County, Derek L. Kreitlow, City of Neillsville and Megan A. Johnson, City of Neillsville.

Village of Dorchester, Richard A. Pribbernow, Village of Dorchester and Judy A. Hawthorne, Village of Dorchester.

Township of Lynn, Wayne A. Kupstis, Township of Lynn and Angela R. Kowalik, Township of Lynn.

10/30/21: Wood County, Jon J. Mariani, Village of Unity and Layah S. Hickerson, Village of Unity.

Chippewa County, Austin J. Kinas, Township of Seif and Shana K. Wehe, Township of Seif.

10/31/21: Taylor County, Dylon c. Homer, City of Abbotsford and Olivia E. McDermott, City of Abbotsford.

November 2021

11/11/2021: Township of York, Andy E. Swartzentruber, Township of Eaton and Mary J. Gingerich, Township of York.

Township of Green Grove, Andrew L. Hoover, Township of Green Grove and Diane M. Fox, Township of Green Grove.

11/13/21: Chippewa County, Corey J. Lis, Owen and Trisha E. Struensee, Owen.

11/14/21: Township of Eaton, Samuel J. Swartzentruber, Township of Eaton and Frances E. Miller, Township of Eaton.

Township of Colby, Andrew S. Newswanger, Township of Mayville and Marie Z. Nolt, Township of Colby.

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