Community Service Day A Sweeping Success!

Nicole Rogers

Community Service Day A Sweeping Success!

2 mins
May 11, 2021

On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, the Owen-Withee School Middle School and High School students put their best foot forward and helped-out many Owen-Withee community members, organizations and businesses. The following places were visited and offered help: Harriet Laube’s house, Caroline Zwadski’s house, Forward Bank, Withee Village Hall, Withee Library, Cookie Anderson’s house, O-W school painting sheds, Elementary and High School Library and Butterfly Garden, Adopt a Highway-Lions Club, Owen Library, Edna Pauly’s house, Laurie Guilandri’s house, Atwood Ball Park, Chuck Edgar’s house, Owen Old School, Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center, Linda Clark’s house, Laurie Paczkowski’s house, Riverside Cemetery, Elaine Stark’s house, Darlene Zukowski’s house,  Norma Kodl’s house, Brenda Zimmer’s house, Gaylord Kaduce’s house, Hanson Masonry, Ann Berseth’s house, Diane Anderson’s house, Marie Nirva’s house, Church in Curtiss, Mr. Devine’s parents’ house, Al Goerlitz’s house,  Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Longwood Park, Patty Orth’s house, JoAnne Bottlemy’s house, Meadowview Golf Course, City of Owen, Paulie Klabon’s house, Denny Henke’s house, Curt and Nancy Garrett’s house and O-W Lion’s Club (painting).

At the Owen-Withee School site, Mr. Ovyn wrangled a group of 6th graders to paint three utilities sheds. 

“This is a great life lesson… you are going to paint in your adult life,” Mr. Darren Oyvn commented.

“Yeah, I painted a whole room, already.” added one young 6th grade boy.

Out at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Longwood, Mrs. Olson and her charges were picking up sticks and raking around the church and cemetery grounds. 

They have been coming here for a few years now. It’s nice to get the raking done in the cemetery. This year it worked really because we have a funeral service this Saturday,” Sandi Petke explained.

Chuck Edgar was one of the many community members who had students and teachers visit and tidy-up his home. 

“Everyone of them worked so well. They washed windows inside and out and weeded the rock gardens,” Chuck gratefully replied.

It was noted by many students that weeding was one of their favorite tasks of the day. Many kids also enjoyed painting on service day. Planters, sheds, equipment and fences were among the many painting projects. 

The Owen-Withee community looks sparkles a bit brighter after the community clean up day, congratulations on a job well done Owen-Withee students and staff!

Chuck Edgar and his group of helpers: (l-r) front row: Lydia Lobacz, Amaya Goessl, Chuck Edgar, Alexus Witek, Mrs. Mary Meyer, Tamra Heindl; back row: Kendall Weiler, Anissa Adriano, Geneva Capetillo, Angela Bauers, Alexx O’Hare, Samantha Stephens and Gretchen Cwikla. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
 7th grade students Lydia Van Ark, Isabella Lewallen, Elizabeth Crue, Addie Hatlestad and Macy Devine painting pots and planters for the Owen Library and the City of Owen under the supervision of Jeffer Scheuer. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
Mr. Chad Eichstadt, Kyle Peterson and Aaron Ovyn spiffing up the guard rails at the Owen Millpond Park with a fresh coat of paint. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
Mr. Ovyn and his 6th grade painting crew: (l-r) Brandon Geldernick, Austin Yeager, Mr. Ovyn, Christian Jarocki, Zach Zarins, Talon Mueller, Preston Fritz and Connor Hanson. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
On cemetery duty at Emmanuel Lutheran: (l-r) Kayla Lobacz, Ms. Monique Olson, Kim Sockness, McKenzie Churkey, Alyssa Graski, Autumn Bender, Esmeralda Lopez and Amelia Petke. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
Heading out to clean-up Withee were: Ken Koltis, Ashton Litten, Kayla Clark, Ms. Shelly Carpenter, Alexis Nernberger, Mr. Brian Popp, Libby Lehr, Mary German and Haily Young. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)
Juliana Velasquez, Alexandra Wilczek and Jozlin Sevareid were seen weeding at Forward Bank in Withee. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.