Coronavirus Update

Riley Hebert

Coronavirus Update

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January 25, 2021

For local coronavirus numbers:

Clark County has seen a total of 3,054 positive cases, an increase of 23 since Friday.  Of those, 85 are currently active.  Clark County has had 57 people die from the virus.

The state has seen a total of 532,971 positive cases (an increase of 1,119 over the previous day) and 5,691 deaths, an increase of 6 over the previous day.  Of the positive cases, 23,692, or 4%, have been hospitalized.

For our other neighboring counties:

In total, Chippewa has seen 6,681 positive and 76 deaths.

Eau Claire has seen 10,350 positive and 97 deaths,

Jackson has seen 2,528 positive and 20 deaths.

Marathon has seen 13,114 positive and 169 deaths.

Taylor has seen 1,734 positive and 20 deaths

Wood has seen a total of 6,261 positive cases and 64 deaths.

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Riley Hebert

Riley Hebert is news director for Central Wisconsin Broadcasting.