COVID Christmas

Travis Rogers, Jr.

COVID Christmas

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January 14, 2021

It has been a weird holiday season. I found out last week that I have the coronavirus. At first noticed headache on Monday but thought that it was probably only a simple headache. Then came the body aches.

Sadly, I had attended the school board meeting on Monday night, but I had no idea I may be a carrier at that point. I was wearing the mask and doing all the sanitizing and doing the distancing. On Wednesday, I went to get tested and, on Thursday morning, found out that I had tested positive.

Then came the tightness in the chest. Nicole was starting to experience symptoms also. Doctor justice said that she didn't need to be tested as he was certain that she had it too. But in the end, she is going in for testing as well. Our family has been a great help and I was able to get on some medications, an inhaled steroid and an antibiotic. It’s slow going but I am feeling a little better.

I remember being sick during Christmas once before when I was about nine years old. We had gone to my grandparents’ house and my grandfather and I both contracted some sort of awful flu. He and I were quarantined together and, as sick as I was, I thought it was a great time because I had him all to myself.

Fortunately, and thank God, Nicole showed some symptoms but thanks to that Wisconsin farm girl immune system, she never felt too awful. God bless her, she took good care of me when I felt like I could hardly move.

I had been so careful about masking and sanitizing and distancing, but it just goes to show that, unless we all do it, nothing keeps you perfectly safe.

One of the things that I appreciate the most is the kindness that was extended to me. Nicole had posted on Facebook an update on my status and I had made my own post during the early stages. So many people from so many places or kind and supportive and offered their own insights into how they got over it. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to hear those reports. The resounding claim was hydrate and sleep. Our family nurse had told us weeks and weeks ago to take vitamin B1, C, D, magnesium, and zinc. I am sure that is what helped mitigate the severity of it.

Of course, there was someone who decided to message me in the height of the virus and criticize me for attending the school board meeting on Monday night. There is always one. That said, I do apologize for unknowingly exposing anyone. As I said I did not realize I was symptomatic. I thought it was just a headache. I would never knowingly endanger anyone like that. I mean, really. Nicole and I have been the ones warning about exposure and distancing. But again, I apologize.

So, it looks like our Christmas festivities will have to be delayed until our time of quarantine is passed. And fortunately for us, Nicole's girls have offered to help deliver the newspapers. So, you will not see us out exposing anybody.

This brief and minor brush with COVID-19 has made me so sorry for those who have been isolated from their families, especially during this time. Maybe a little sympathy is in order from all of us.

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Travis Rogers, Jr.

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