CVTC to Offer Truck Driving at Neillsville Campus

Mark Gunderman

CVTC to Offer Truck Driving at Neillsville Campus

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July 13, 2021

Clark County residents will soon be seeing 18-wheel rigs bearing the Chippewa Valley Technical College logo on their streets and rural roads, as the College expands its Truck Driving program to the Neillsville campus beginning with the fall 2021 semester.

Program Director Karl Pinter said the opportunity for students to complete the program closer to home can help alleviate local and regional shortages of qualified truck drivers and make the CVTC program accessible to students from nearby areas.

We’ve had this in our strategic plan,” Pinter said. “I told Dean Adam Wehling that we’re mobile and can offer Truck Driving through other campuses. We thought Neillsville would be a good place to go to serve potential students who won’t have to drive to Eau Claire to get to class.”

The classroom portions of the Truck Driving program are already entirely online, allowing students to work remotely. Those without reliable internet access or personal computers will be able to use the computer lab at the Neillsville Campus at 11 Tiff Avenue.

Of course, the heart of the program is conducted behind-the-wheel. Pinter said he is working on securing a location for a safe driving range off city streets and rural roads for the beginning drivers. After they meet specific competencies, the student drivers will be taking to the roads, supervised by experienced CVTC instructors. CVTC student drivers have excellent safety records.

The student experiences will not be limited to the local roads. “I foresee us heading over to Marshfield and Eau Claire so the students can experience driving in more urban settings and freeways,” Pinter said.

For more information on the CVTC Truck Driving program, or to apply, visit cvtc.edu/academics/programs/truck-driving. 

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Mark Gunderman

Mark is Communications Specialist for Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, WI, since August 27, 2012.