Defending the President and Attacking the Left

Defending the President and Attacking the Left

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January 12, 2021

Dear Editor,

I was horrified and dismayed by what transpired in Washington D.C. on the 6th of January.

But I saw the unrest months ago – the destruction of whole city blocks nationwide, rioting, looting, and defunding of the police.  Autonomous zones were erected and no one arrested or prosecuted the majority of the perpetrators of BLM or Antifa!  There was time to prepare for the event that happened on the 6th but no one did  anything. Why?!  Didn’t the right-wing conservatives believe that something like this could happen?  The unhinged left wanted this to happen to take the spotlight off of the corrupted elections and the Biden investigation, among other things.  Why didn’t Muriel Bowser, DC mayor, have the National Guard in place ahead of time?  Why wasn’t there more law enforcement present ahead of time for such a large crowd of protesters? Was it designed to ( embarrass and accuse the President?? )

There are as many questions as to what transpired in D.C. as there were to the election.

And, of course, fake news and everyone else are pointing the finger at the President.

We have Godless left-wing nuts opposite the Godless right-wing nuts.  Then we have the patriotic conservative Americans who make up the majority, pay our taxes, and support our country and President – who is caught in the middle.  And then we have Nancy Pelosi, whom I view as exhibiting borderline senility, who is in charge of Congress.  She has been trying to impeach President Trump for 4 years for trying to do his job!

President Trump did not tell people to invade the House of Congress!  There were nefarious actors!  Now Nancy and the unhinged left want to invoke the 25th Amendment and have another impeachment!  For what!?  She is now worried about the President and the nuclear codes?!  I doubt it.

I would be worried about Biden and the nuclear codes once he gets inaugurated because he might push the buttons by mistake not knowing what they were.  Unless it is on a teleprompter, he does not know what he is saying half of the time. That is what we purportedly elected! Approximately 74 million hard working Americans who pay the taxes and expect accountability from Congress are the ones who voted for Trump.  What we got outvoted by is the people who want everything for nothing and those who don’t want us to ask anyone questions about phony illegal ballots nor election discrepancies.

Pelosi, Schumer, the squad and everyone else in between in government get generously paid by hard working Americans (not illegals or welfare recipients!)  

Folks, my piggy bank broke some time ago. I cannot fix my crumbling farm buildings! Yet, every year assessments and taxes are going up.  The schools want more money for fewer students, newer buildings, and sports.  Congress wants more money to give foreign aid to nations who want to destroy us.  The left wants to make immigration a given - and a joke - just so that they can receive the votes necessary to break our great nation and bring it down to the level of some Third World country all in the name of equality!  The rich get richer, the middle class is disappearing, and all the while the poor have no options at all.

This is what the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Leftist, Marxist one World Order subversives are pushing worldwide and in Washington D.C.!

When I was in school it was Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic with pencil and paper!  Now it is computer generated indoctrination programs, gender education, sex education, and sports. Is this insane or what!

We expect our elected officials to serve the legal constituency of their respective districts within the parameters of the Constitution.

Not their convoluted agendas and manifestos!

We have reached the point of permissiveness in our society where everything is excusable and nothing is accountable or illegal according to the mandates of God and civil society.

Chris Kulinski, Withee

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