Doing a Little Sprucing Up

Nicole Rogers

Doing a Little Sprucing Up

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Businesses downtown Owen have spruced up in the last few weeks. It is amazing what a new coat of paint will do to brightened and refresh a building. The first business seen on Central Avenue (Main Street) is Jackie Reinke’s O-W Sports. The faithful old building has a fresh coat of army green paint and rustic brown trim. It looks very outdoorsy, very fitting for her sporting goods store. 

Across the road, the old Napa building has been painted barn red. The rumor floating around town is that it’s red because there will be dancing girls there soon. We talked to the new owners of the building and they laughed and said, “Yeah, we heard the rumor; we started it!” Well, it may have a red door, but it will not be such a risqué establishment. The owners wanted to wait until next week for the full story about their new business to be published, so watch for more on the red building next week. 

Right next door, Cozy Corner Café installed new windows which Travis did his part in christening while watering the hanging baskets in Owen. They are extra shiny and new! Further down that side of Central Ave., Marcia Deluca is landscaping between her building and the old Pippin’s building. It was reported that she may be planning a place to eat al fresco in the near future. 

And, next up on Central, Pippin’s is transitioning into Skunky’s Bar. Again, a story for another week. That old building has a new white coat of paint thanks to Mike Wells and looks very inviting. Pictures of the spruced-up buildings can be seen on page 8.

The spruce-up bug bit Travis and I, also. On Saturday, we began painting our front porch with paint called Santa’s Beard. Travis joked later, that is was Satan’s Beard. After an afternoon of brushing paint onto our old red wood stained porch walls and ceiling, it felt like Satan had cursed our bodies. The old wood was very thirsty and after the first coat, it looks like we need to put at least one more coat of Satan’s, I mean, Santa’s Beard on. The first coat we put on with brushes to really get into the cracks and panels of the wood but the next coat we are hoping to just roll on. We are letting the paint cure and our shoulders and backs cure for a few days before the second coat goes on. I forgot how much work painting can be, I sure appreciate professional painters more and more. They have a hard job and are worth their price! 

I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July this weekend. Fireworks are still happening in our area; we will be going to watch the fireworks in Thorp on Friday. It is sponsored by the Thorp Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism with the financial support of other Thorp businesses. It will not be the same as past years as there will be no band and no food or beverage sales which is disappointing but necessary. However, families and community members can come and sit in the park or sit in their cars to view the spectacular show and celebrate just the same. 

Many businesses and organizations have seen financial loss since the pandemic, with cancelations of events and fundraisers and I think the Thorp Chamber and the Thorp businesses are very generous to put on this fireworks show for the community even though they too may be struggling. 

Again, happy Independence Day to all.

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is co-publisher and owner of the Sentinel and Rural News with her husband Travis Rogers, Jr.