Eloranta Honored for 20 Years Service to School Board

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Eloranta Honored for 20 Years Service to School Board

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November 9, 2021

The Owen-Withee school board met in regular session on Monday, November 7. Before several presentations, the school board presented retiring board president Rick Eloranta with a commemorative bell for his 20 years of service on the school board. Eloranta expressed his gratitude and admiration for all those who have served on the school board, both now and in the past. His reason for leaving, he admitted, was “my body is giving me a few issues.”

Picking His Successor

Following that, the school board needed to find a replacement for Eloranta. The board decided on voting by signed ballots and each of the six candidates received 2 minutes to promote their candidacy. The six candidates were Sheila Briski, Barby Serocki, Cami Simenson, Adam Simington, Dr. Julie Wendler, and Natasha Zarins. A majority was required for the candidate to be elected. 


After the first ballot, Wendler and Simington were tied at three votes each. A second ballot resulted in the repeated deadlock. The board convened into closed session and, upon reconvening into open session, announced that there was no change in the voting. The deadlock remained. 

Under the bylaws, board president Paul Heggemeier has 60 days to choose the replacement. The replacement will then be required to run again in the April elections. The only other school board member required to run in April, due to her end of term, is board member Kim Amacher.

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