Essential Oils and their Emotional Benefits

Michelle Behm

Essential Oils and their Emotional Benefits

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There are three powerful essential oils that I love to combine: Frankincense serrata, Marjoram, and Copaiba. The physical benefits are quite amazing, but the emotional benefits are wonderful as well.


Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions, and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on light and truth. Frankincense recalls to memory spiritual understanding, gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that the soul brought into the world. It is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. Frankincense assists in pulling the “scale of darkness” from the eyes, the barriers from the mind, and the walls from the heart.  Through connecting the soul with its inner light, this oil reveals the truth.

Frankincense supports in creating a healthy attachment with one’s father. It assists in spiritual awakening and helps an individual feel the love of the Divine. When one has felt abandoned or forgotten, Frankincense reminds them that they are loved and protected. While this oil is incredibly powerful, it is also gentle, like a loving father who nurtures, guides, and protects. Frankincense shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in its spiritual evolution. Enhancing practices of prayer and mediation, this oil opens spiritual channels that allow an individual to connect to God. Through the light and power of Frankincense, the individual can draw closer to divinity, healthy masculinity, and the grandeur of the True Self.


The second essential oil, marjoram aids those who are unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships. This inability to trust often stems from harsh life experiences.  These individuals develop a fear of close connection in relationships. They may tend toward reclusive behaviors, protecting themselves even further by abstaining from social interactions. They may also protect themselves by unconsciously sabotaging long-term relationships.

Marjoram shows the barriers they have formed to protect themselves from others. It reveals patterns of aloofness, distancing oneself from other people, or being cold. Those in need of marjoram oil most likely use these protective coping strategies unintentionally. Deep down, they desire the intimate connection they subconsciously sabotage.

Marjoram teaches that trust is the basis for all relationships. It assists an individual increasing their warmth and trust in social situations. Marjoram softens the heart and heals past wounds. It kindles the fires of trust in relationships so that one may fully blossom. When an individual feels safe and loved, they express their authenticity more freely. Marjoram restores trust and openness so that true bonds of love may be formed in friendships and relationships.


The last essential oil in this combination is Copaiba. Copaiba invites individuals to connect with their past.  It offers a deep intertwining energy that links experience to experience to unveil the deeper meaning and messages showing up in one’s life. Copaiba respects the sacred sheltered within until it is ready to emerge into the light of consciousness. It then invites individuals to become thoughtfully aware of the shadow aspects of themselves and discover who they really are.

Individuals in need of Copaiba often find that vulnerable self-awareness work reveals unresolved pain in hidden recesses of their heart, mind, and body. Many discover they are plagued with feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, or unworthiness that have been absorbed from their early environment. These shame-based feelings distort every interaction they have with life.  Everything seen through the filter of “less than” creates a perception of the world that is extremely painful and ultimately defeating. Copaiba offers assistance to those caught in lower vibrations of shame, blame, fear, and self-loathing, and others unconsciously internalized emotions. It summons them to begin the unraveling and restoration process necessary for lasting healing and further awareness and insight.

Copaiba invites those who have done something that causes guilt or shame to undergo appropriate remorse and then move on, remembering that forgiveness of the self is also necessary. If not dealt with, these lowest vibrational emotions will drive an individual to rebel or overcompensate. Both are a product of running form their center of truth and existence. Acknowledging the reality of past choices and experiences allows individuals to grow and change in more conscious and clear ways.

Copaiba also invites individuals to come to the Divine for clarity and redefinition. It reminds that the Divine knows them anciently as whole beings—from their earliest childhood wounds to their current limitations. The Divine, as the source and connecting force of everything, possesses the wisdom that transcends mortal perception. Copaiba reassures that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual limitations are only temporary. The Divine does not expect individuals to navigate the challenges of life along or avoid the things they need to experience in life to product necessary growth and change. Instead, Copaiba teaches that the Divine will reveal the higher message of one’s life. It will unveil that they have always been treasured, accepted, valued, worth of love, and much more. Copaiba imparts that it is only through this divine unveiling that individuals can fully accept the magnificence of what they really are and make peace with the past.

A Powerful Combination

These three oils can be a powerful emotional combination. We have been using them also for physical symptoms of aches and pains from muscles tension and inflammation. I personally have benefitted from using these with allergies issues and congestion. I have nicknamed these three oils as the “Morphine Bomb” as folks are telling me they are experiencing relief within a few minutes and lasting up to 4-5 hours.  

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Michelle Behm

Michelle Behm is a practicing Reflexologist in Thorp, Wisconsin.