Finding Peace on the Popple River Trail

Nicole Rogers

Finding Peace on the Popple River Trail

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January 12, 2021

My dog Audrey and I finally ventured outside to take in the beautiful winter wonderland at dusk last Sunday. We took our favorite path down along the Popple River behind CreekSide Convenience Store. The feathery frost clung so majestically to the barren black tree limbs. I was just in awe of the serene silence of this riverside trail. I was not very motivated to go outside on that Sunday afternoon. The world seemed to chaotic and loud, well the online world and the awful scenes that flashed across the TV news. It was too just too much.  Audrey was giving me that “pleaaaassse take me for a walk” look so I gave in to her pleading eyes. 

I was so happy I did. The peaceful walk in the snow-covered forest was just what we both needed to reconnect with all that is good in the world. The name calling, the anger, the political posturing exploding in my mind was muffled as soon as I looked up to the white frosted trees tops and the cream-colored sky as the sun slowly reclined for the day. I was so taken with the scene that I did something that I never did in public. I called out to my God, please bring peace, understanding and compassion to this anger-filled country. Let people know the truth. I actually said it out loud. I looked around to see if anyone was listening to me speak out among the glistening white trees, but I was alone. I basked in the beauty of the Popple River trail all by myself at that moment. It was truly a gift from God. My God, the God of love, compassion for those in need, God of forgiveness, the God of acceptance of all people on Earth. A God in which love triumphs over ego and greed and has compassion for all people and who wants us to care for others especially the poor, the sick and the needy. As I walked with buddy Audrey taking in all the scents of muted sounds of nature, I silently recited, Be Still and Know that I am God

Stay on the sunny side until we meet again.

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.