Focus on Positive Growth

Nicole Rogers

Focus on Positive Growth

3 mins
August 3, 2020

Is it just me, or does it seem people are getting more and more rude? Why can’t people be more understanding and kind to others? There is so much name calling and belittling going on out there. It is like the grown adults have regressed into snarky Jr. High students showing off during their lunch hour. Why not try a little tenderness? Why not give people a break? 

If someone unwittingly pulls out in front of you, instead of yelling idiot, why not give them a break? Maybe, they are distracted because they just received bad news or maybe they are coming home from a 12-hour work shift. If a cashier makes a mistake giving back change or ringing up your order. It is ok, don’t just assume they are out to get you, or they are inept at their job. People make mistakes, it is ok. Maybe your kind response to such instances will change that person’s day and prevent further mistakes. Take a breath before lashing out. Be kind to each other. Be understanding of each other. Let go of all the animosity towards people who don’t think or act as you do. Be the change you want to see in others. That is the script that runs through my head, when I feel anger towards people. Or when I just don’t understand why people think or act as they do. 

Okay, rant over. Sometimes it just feels good to write about my frustrations and uncork them from my head. Out with the bad air and in with the good. Now on with the good news of the day.

There is growth in the City of Owen which is cause for celebration. Thanks to Allie Milbert’s strong back and the help of volunteers, a new feature flower garden has finally been planted. It is located across from the Holy Rosary Church in Owen. All the seeds were started at the Woodland Hotel and then replanted at this location. 

There are two new businesses in Owen - Red Daisy Girl and Skunky’s Bar. L.A.S.T. Ace and Skunky’s Bar are sharing a customer appreciation night on August 8. It is so refreshing to see two like businesses support each other and wish each other success. The Owen Car Show will be coming on August 15 which will be a nice time for people to safely gather outdoors. There are improvements made to the Crowley Park and Campground. There is a new bathroom and shower facility and there are plans to build a new pavilion, install playground equipment and add a dog park. 

Personally, I can’t wait for the dog park! Audrey will enjoy running freely and playing catch at this new addition to the park. Renters have moved into the new duplexes located north of Owen and more are in the plans to be built. The City of Owen along with the Owen-Withee School District received a grant to build an emergency dome that will be used for community and school events and if the referendum is passed in the fall, it will be a great new addition. 

The Farmer’s Market in Owen has blossomed this year with the addition of music, food and Blackhawk Express train rides. Travis and I are grateful to Marge Rohland and all the volunteers who keep us informed of the Farmer’s Market news each week. Kids of all ages who have rode the Blackhawk Express are grateful to all the volunteer conductors. 

People have pulled together to help during the pandemic. The FFA and FFA Alumni has helped to provide meals to families who have hit hard times. Last week, members of the FFA, Thrivent and the ONE in Christ Parish teamed up to make face masks for the students returning to school in the fall.  The goal is to make 500 masks. 

There are many people who respect others and show kindness despite being frustrated with the injustices and politics of the day. Positive stories and good-will is out there even during the seemingly dark times. Keep on the sunny side!

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is co-publisher and owner of the Sentinel and Rural News with her husband Travis Rogers, Jr.