Fun in the Snow

Darleen Jarocki

Fun in the Snow

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February 9, 2021

When our winter transforms the landscape many of us revel in the days gone by, reminding ourselves that we can’t be a part of the snow scene, as we reminisce that day when…

Wouldn’t it be "fun" to make a snow angel (and we can’t get back up, once we laid down).      

Should we put on the ice skates and find ourselves rubbing out the sore back end with Ben Gay? 

I could ramble on but you get the idea! It was "fun" while it lasted and our memories haven’t failed us. After all that exertion, we topped it off with a mug of hot chocolate and stirred it with a cinnamon stick. We are able to warm ourselves with that tasty treat. Thinking about the scarves, mittens, and socks that sis knitted still warms my heart.

My dad took apart the wool coats that were hand me downs and, between mom and sis, they fashioned the full snow suits (jacket arms and legs, all in one) that we wore. They weren’t fit to wear for the following winter, so the snow clothes became a yearly do. (Not to mention, we outgrew them!)

These are  just a few of the  heartwarming memories I have. These days, we are enjoying the bird antics from our recliners, keeping the oven warm with tasty bakery, putting together puzzles until our eyes are starting to see double, and quilting, quilting, quilting! I’ve discovered that putting the quilts together is much like puzzling. We are taking this time, one day at a time. 

Groundhog Day

When I found out that the Ground Hog (Punxsatawney) Phil didn’t see his shadow, I wanted to start looking for clues as to who he really was. Phil was named after the city, Philadelphia. When the German immigrants came to America, they brought with them some of their old traditions. One of them was the fable about Phil. When they came to America, their first encounter with a ground hog became their choice of calling the tradition groundhog day.

So, why didn’t they see a Badger first? 

In the fable from these immigrants came the story of Phil being the "weatherman" predicting the coming of winter, how much snow, and much cold we were going to have. That furry animal is the regent of royalty. That groundhog is said to predict wintry conditions for 6 or more weeks or an early arrival of spring, depending on whether he casts his shadow at first emergence from his burrow. This is the fable we all know. There is also a movie in his honor. 

These immigrants came to America in the 1800 and because they were overcome with groundhogs, they submitted Phil to be the weather person. When Phil pokes his head out to see his shadow, don’t be disappointed if his prediction isn’t what you wanted to hear. Phil is correct only about 35% of the time. 

Spring is Never Late

One thing we can be sure of, is that spring will arrive on March 20th. This occurs with the spring equinox when the sun crosses the celestial equator while heading from south to north. With the official start of spring weeks away, be prepared for what Mother Nature throws your way with the long-range weather forecasts.

Since this month is noted for Presidents, and our beloved Valentine’s Day, I will share this with you......

I cannot come and clasp your hand, as I would love to do

And so, I'll send this little verse

To say, "I think of YOU!"

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Darleen Jarocki

Darleen Jarocki is an expert gardener and cook. She is an excellent folklorist and local historian.