Glyphosate Poisoning, the silent pandemic

Dr. John Briggs

Glyphosate Poisoning, the silent pandemic

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March 1, 2021

Physical and mental health has been gradually declining since the introduction of the chemical, Glyphosate created by the chemical manufacturing giant Monsanto. This diabolical chemical toxin, marketed under brand name Round-up has been accumulating in our ground water and is ever present in the atmosphere, raining onto even our organic crops. 

The effects on plants aren’t easily seen by just looking at them, but what’s primarily happening is the effect on soil and soil organisms our plants are going grown in. It blocks bacterial pathways which allow our crops to create the essential amino acids our bodies require to function. 

Glyphosate blocks the shikimate pathway, which is a seven-step metabolic pathway used by bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, some protozoans, and plants for the biosynthesis of folates and aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan). This pathway isn’t found in animals and humans, who require these essential amino acids from their diet. Obtaining these nutrients is only through direct consumption of plants, microorganisms, or indirect consumption of animals. 

These amino acids are needed for, cellular structure and communication. Take for instance tryptophan. This amino acid is required for production of both serotonin (the neurotransmitter which gives us the ability to remain calm and happy), as well as melatonin for initiating sleep.

The massive number of anti-depression drugs prescribed is testimony to destruction of tryptophan. How many are plagued with insomnia? Just coincidence? I think not. Phenylalanine is critical for pain control. When we look at tyrosine, It’s of utmost importance for thyroid function. Presently, thyroid hormones rank high among prescription medications. 

Plants are responsible for the production of alkaloids which act as anti-parasitic, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-asthmatic, and many other protectors of our bodies. The medicinal properties of these plants get knocked out as the normal bacteria responsible for their creation are destroyed by glyphosate. Many of the herbal products I rely on are rich in these alkaloids. 

Since the introduction of Glyphosate into our environment we’ve seen an increase in biological disruption across the board. in 1975, before Glyphosate, the rate of autism in America was one in five thousand. By the year 2017 that number had risen to one in forty-two. I do believe the increase in vaccination schedules have played a major part in this increase, but the disruption of intracellular communication by this diabolical agent has added to this damage. 

The destruction of bacteria which act to restore and maintain life on earth has been dangerously depleted as we annually dump over seven million pounds of antibiotics into our soil and livestock as a means of increasing fat production. Add to that the over five billion pounds of glyphosate used to kill the bugs, critical for life, and we have a recipe for disaster. The soils of our nation are compromised in their ability to produce the alkaloids and amino acids required to keep us healthy. 

No amount of drugs, antibiotics, or vaccines are capable of correcting the deficiency conditions we’re seeing. Truly, disease which I see, is a condition of starvation, where critical nutrients required for proper cell function and replication are missing from most diets. Organic foods? You bet! We must put our focus in this area. Even here, we’re still seeing some degree of glyphosate. 

The membranes of our digestive system are lined with single cells, held tightly together to prevent unwanted elements from entering the blood stream. We selectively make a protein known as zonulin which, allows these tight junctions to open and allow larger molecules to pass through. This zonulin affects the tight junctions throughout the body, including the circulatory system, lungs, liver, kidneys, even the brain. When large proteins are allowed through, can create autoimmune disease. 

Glyphosate increases zonulin, and in turn creates a leaky gut, where various elements enter the blood stream, including glyphosate. This results in multiple food allergies, autoimmune diseases, vascular damage, renal, respiratory damage, and cancers. The huge increase in food allergies I’ve witnessed over my forty plus years in practice reflect this. Years ago I never saw gluten intolerance. Today this condition is almost epidemic. 

Clearing glyphosate from your body is difficult. Restriction involves better food choices. Eat only organic and increase good bacteria in your diet. Concentrate on feeding gut flora.

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Dr Briggs is a 1980 graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been practicing naturopathic medicine in the northwest corner of Oregon since his graduation. His practice involves diagnostic and therapeutic modalities which have stood the test of time and the challenges of diverse disease. We believe that each person exists dynamically as a spirit being, possessing a soul made up of their mind, will, and emotions, living in a body which requires specific care and nutrition. To address only the physical needs is to ignore the real person, and frequently, the real issues. We strive to address all your issues (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) with compassion and wisdom.

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Dr. John Briggs

Dr. John Briggs is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.