Growin’ Owen Fall Chores

Nicole Rogers

Growin’ Owen Fall Chores

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September 21, 2021

Last Saturday, Growin’ Owen volunteers gathered at the Owen City Hall to do some autumn planting. Volunteers Jeffer Scheuer, Linda Barna, Cindy Cardinal and Nicole Rogers met that morning to plant day lily and iris bulbs as well as a few other perennials which were all donated. Some weeds were pulled at city hall and at the flower garden across from the Holy Rosary Church where Cindy Cardinal also planned to plant a rose bush belonging to a dearly departed Owen citizen June Roohr. Jeffer also tackled the monster weeds at the Owen Library.

Jeffer Scheuer and other volunteers helped plant perenials last weekend at Owen City Hall. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)

All in all, the flower gardens in Owen are looking pretty healthy and full of blooms, with many, many marigolds to be sure. Even the huge sun flowers that had to be replanted near the Millpond bridge are standing tall and beaming with brilliant yellow flower heads.

 The weekend’s Fall plantings are sure to bring many joyful new additions to the gardens in Owen next Spring. Enjoy the brilliance of the season!

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is co-publisher and owner of the Sentinel and Rural News with her husband Travis Rogers, Jr.