Has Clark County Gotten that Greedy?

Has Clark County Gotten that Greedy?

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Dear Editor -

I am writing this to bring attention to an unfair / unjust eviction notice served to a family in the Township of Hixon.

It has been brought to my attention that this family with pressing health difficulties and with two minor children in the household has been served with an eviction order and given thirty days to vacate their property by the Clark County Sheriff. It has been served for some obscure delinquent Tax (not related to the property) that has been charged to these people. It was told to me that an Attorney retained by the owners pocketed their payments without resolving the matter! This Attorney is currently under investigation by the Bar Association.

In the matter of the delinquent Tax, which I was told had previously been paid after an Estate settlement, the County came back demanding more money without providing an affidavit to the amounts to the owners.

Battling serious health issues, the owner's wherewithal over the Tax issues and financial issues became overwhelming and they were unable to cope with the County's unbending governmental prerogatives. I know how overwhelming dealing with governmental bureaucracies can get!

The Judge, Sheriff, the County  tax Administrators and Corporate counsel should be ashamed of themselves in this time of dire distress in our country, to evict this family from their property with no place to go to, or store their personal possessions!

This case was one-sided and litigated in bad faith!

Has Clark County gotten that greedy?

I would like to bring this case to the attention of the News Media and some reputable Legal minds to help adjust this corrupted eviction.

I think it would be just and prudent to rescind this eviction notice at this time and properly investigate this matter!


Chris Kulinski

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