Heggemeier Appoints School Board Replacement

Travis Rogers, Jr.

Heggemeier Appoints School Board Replacement

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December 7, 2021

In the Owen-Withee School Board annual meeting on Monday, October 25, Owen-Withee School Board President Rick Eloranta had submitted his resignation.Vice-president Paul Heggemeier was then elected to succeed Eloranta as president of the School Board. Dean Schmelzer was elected as vice president.

A subsequent meeting was scheduled for the purpose of filling the vacant seat on the board. In that meeting, several candidates put themselves forward. The only two candidates to receive votes from the board were Adam Simington and Dr. Julie Wendler. After several ballots, the board remained deadlocked in a 3-3 tie between the two candidates. 

According to the board’s bylaws, in such a case, the president of the school board will fill the vacancy. On Friday, December 3, Board President Paul Heggemeier issued his decision. He wrote:

"3 weeks ago, I was given the tough task of choosing Rick Eloranta’s replacement on the Owen-Withee School Board. I have received community feedback and support for both candidates. Both Adam Simington & Julie Wendler have many strengths that would be a great benefit and I have encouraged both to run for election in April. As this is a short interim 4-month term, my decision was based on what will be the biggest need during these next four months. With that said, I have chosen Julie Wendler based on her experience and knowledge of school operations. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for this position. Seeing the community’s desire and interest in building a strong and healthy learning environment for our children is very exciting."

Dr. Julie Wendler

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