How Can We Work Best?

Mark Tobola

How Can We Work Best?

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November 17, 2021

A recent headline in the news has me laughing quite a bit.  The headline from the BBC News read "Does banning meetings actually work?" And that article had me laughing quite hard as I read through it...  

Many of you may not know this, but I did spend a lot of my "free time" the last 16 years learning about Business, Relationships, Leadership, and other topics. One of the things that got taught several times a year was how each and every "business" or "workplace" operates differently than another, and no two are the same. And I've experienced this first-hand in each and every job I've worked.

No two farmers run their operation exactly the same. No two restaurants operate the same. No two IT companies work the same. Even now that I run a business, from having experience in the past talking to other business owners, each of us does things a little differently, in ways that work best for us. And for our customers!  

Does banning meetings actually work. I was actually at a business conference years ago where this kind of thing was discussed, and the answer from years of study and experienced summed up as "sometimes, depending on the way the business functions." Some situations thrive on meetings to keep everyone moving together like a conveyor belt. Other situations thrive when people can do their job, and just let the rest of the team know when the job is done. And there are millions of possibilities in between, too.

And you know, I've learned that those "millions of possibilities in between" are what help each of us find places we can thrive. None of US are the same as our neighbor, and these different work environments help US to find a place where WE work best. And isn't that part of the point? To find places we can thrive and do the best we possibly can? So, who cares about "more meetings" versus "ban the meetings?" Isn't it more the question of "how can you be the best you can possibly be?"

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Mark Tobola

Mark Tobola is a resident of Thorp and weekly columnist.