How comfortable are you with another vaccine?

Dr. John Briggs

How comfortable are you with another vaccine?

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September 1, 2020

With all the push to establish a vaccine for COVID-19, the question of safety is a huge one. On talking with a medical doctor from the VA, he questioned me on my take on this and he echoed my response of “No way.”  

Exposure before Vaccines

During my childhood, the approach of my family was to obtain immunity by exposure instead of receiving vaccines. Because of this, I believe my immune system is much stronger than those who receive repeated vaccines. In the last 35 years of practice here in Clatskanie, I’ve not had the flu. I do believe the constant exposure to various viral strains on a regular basis has strengthened my immune system. 

Seeing an increased health burden on our upcoming generations makes me question the various elements which have changed over the years. Nutrition has been a major issue as there are more and more families where both parents are working full time and the availability of having nutritious meals for the family is negatively impacted. 

Although this is a crucial element in the growth and development of our kids, the massive increase in vaccination schedules makes me shudder to think what the next generations will deal with. ICD codes for vaccine poisoning increased from only 18 to 87. This demonstrates that vaccines aren’t harmless. 

Aggressive Vaccination

Although I was blessed to have parents who weren’t totally on board for the vaccines, those who did get vaccinated in the early 50s received only a taste of what children of today face. Today’s aggressive vaccination schedule is stressing the immunity of our next generations, and from my view, are setting up many health challenges seen today, for which I see the pharmaceutical companies creating more and more symptom suppressive drugs. 

The package insert for the MMR: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella virus vaccine shows adverse reactions listed, but how often are parents advised of these potential reactions. These include atypical measles, fever, syncope, headache, dizziness, malaise, irritability, vasculitis, pancreatitis, diarrhea, vomiting, parotitis, nausea, diabetes mellitus, Thrombocytopenia, regional lymphedema, and leukocytosis. 

From 1945 to 1969 the rate of type 1 diabetes was one in 7,100. By 2003 the CDC has shown that one in 400 to 500 children and adolescents have type 1 diabetes. An increase in dietary sugar is a concern, but how much is an increased use of vaccines influencing these changes? 

Carcinogenic Effects?

To date, no vaccines are evaluated for potential carcinogenic effects. This concerns me as I still recall the elderly oncologist who explained he’d never had a cancer patient who had been unvaccinated. For this reason alone, I’m feeling much safer when it comes to cancer. 

To evaluate the contents of vaccines, there’s a website you can go to on vaccine safety to see what each vaccine contains. Here you can see what the excipients are, what their purpose is, the vaccine name and type as well as the quantity of the excipient. I know this is rather heavy duty, but I want to point out some critical issues. Some are potential allergens, but the scariest is when we see where vulnerable parts of the body are exposed to these elements. 

The Blood-Brain Barrier

Polysorbate 80 is a chemical which opens up what’s known as the blood-brain-barrier. This a critical protection of your brain and nervous system against anything which enters your circulation. When we look at the chart, we see Polysorbate 80 in many of the most common vaccines. This includes the HPV vaccine, Hep B, Influenza, Herpes, DPT, and others. 

These same vaccines contain either aluminum and or mercury. Both are neurotoxic. They destroy nerve and brain tissue. When allowed into the brain, they have the potential of destroying critical areas which control vital metabolic processes. When they damage areas of respiration, it can result in sudden infant death syndrome. If in the speech areas, we can see various levels of difficulty here. When these toxic metals pass through the blood-brain-barrier, no brain tissue is safe. 

Viewing the historical decline of disease in relation to vaccines, we see major drops before any vaccine was created. This indicates improved nutrition and cleanliness were the cause of these diseases going away. Considering the many excipients added to vaccines and their negative influence on the body, I’m not excited about another potential health destroyer in the COVID19 vaccine.

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Dr. John Briggs

Dr. John Briggs is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.