In Support of Dr. Jaffke

In Support of Dr. Jaffke

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September 15, 2020

Dear Editor -

Thanks for publishing the excellent letter from Pam Jaffke. She showed how simple it is to expose the truth of the BLM movement. I will back that up with an eye witness account of the BLM protest in Marshfield this summer.

I was working as a volunteer at the Trump Victory Center in Marshfield and the BLM group targeted us.  Myself and two others were inside the building and one of our group was across the street recording all of this. The majority of “protesters” were young girls. Mid-teens and even younger. Our display window held cardboard cutouts of the President and First Lady. Also a sign that said, “All Lives Matter” with a picture of a black fetus. The young girls stood under that sign giving it the middle finger and other obscene gestures directed to the sign and also the President and First Lady. A small group of “adults” were leading them in all of the usual chants.  Please be reminded that our President said, “ALL lives, born or unborn, are a precious gift from God.”

Those young “protesters” have no clue as to what BLM really stands for and the “adults” who coached them in this disgusting display of hatred and disrespect, in my humble opinion are guilty of child abuse.

The Police did an excellent job of keeping order and stayed nearby as we were targeted. Thank God for Law Officers and a President with the courage to stand for ALL life.

David Luepke

Edgar, WI

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