In Support of Dr. Jaffke

In Support of Dr. Jaffke

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September 28, 2020

Dear Editor-

I was very dismayed with your thrashing of Dr. Jaffke. First you called her a friend and then you proceeded to discredit her with your ill informed views.

I expected more from a friend schooled in theology and humanities.

The problems we have today in America are directly associated with the liberals, progressives, socialists / and Marxists who have infiltrated our educational, Justice and governmental bodies in all states.

The propagandizing of our students in our schools and the failure to teach relevant unadulterated history.

First off: (BLM) Black Lives Matter is a racist organization no matter how you spin the subject!

If I organized a movement called (White Lives Matter) I would be called a racist.

In truth all lives matter (especially the unborn!)

Dr. Martin Luther King would be appalled if he were alive today.

I would have gladly voted for Dr. King as President.

Instead we received a community organizer as President who followed the precedence of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers!    

And in eight years his administration laid waste to our military, foreign policy and in part our country (the apologist in chief) and master divider.

He had lots of help (from his minions) V.P. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry to name a few.

Thank heaven (for the people who saw dishonest Hillary) resulting in her loosing the election.  

As I view the BLM, Antifa and other anarchists destroying other peoples property and livelihood in our democrat run (Cities / States) it reminds me of what ( the Bolsheviks toward the end of WWI and Hitler's Fascist brown shirt thugs) were doing  prior to WWII.

Destroying Law and order!

What happened to Mr. George Floyd who was high on meth at the time when he was being arrested was tragic! But he put himself into that situation engaging in criminal activity. Mr Floyd had a rap sheet longer than his casket!

When an officer stops you be respectful, it works for me. (Yes sir, no sir, I'm sorry sir, I won't do it again sir ) goes  a lot further than verbally pummeling the officer with expletives, making false statements, spitting at the officer, not complying to an officers demands, resisting, fighting for his weapon and trying to run away. If the officer tells you to stop you stop (that is the formula for not getting shot) for not loosing your life!

I guess what I am trying to say is (Don't do the crime and you won't do the time)  

We need our current Commander in Chief for four more years so he can drain the viper infested swamp in DC!

We need to pray for him, that God will grant him the power and wisdom to save this great republic a nation under God.

Simon and Garfunkle (Teach your Children well so they can tell what they should live by)

We need to return the Ten Commandments to every Courthouse, Statehouse and School!

We need to stop printing / proliferating pornography (that includes videos / movies.)

We need to stop all the violent video games and movies which desensitize our youth.  

We need to pray for forgiveness of our sins, we are all guilty!

Chris Kulinski

Withee, WI

[Not to be petty but Teach Your Children was by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Not Simon and Garfunkel. ~Editor]

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