In Support of Tim Swiggum

In Support of Tim Swiggum

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September 14, 2021

Dear Editor –

I have been watching Anne listening as disturbing and angering events begin to unfold in the city of Owen. I have grown sick and tired of watching a hard-working and decent man continually run down by certain elements in our community.

Hard Working CDC

Our community development coordinator Tim Swiggum has worked harder to improve the city of Owen more than any single person I can think of in recent memory. As mayor, then as CDC, he has tried to bring business and opportunity into this city. But every step of the way, he has been accused and attacked and roadblocks have been put in his way to keep those projects from coming to pass. Then, when the businesses don't come, it is Tim Swiggum who is given the blame for it. You can’t have it both ways.

It is not only community members, who know nothing about what Tim does, who are doing the back-biting. It is also members of the City Council who listen to such rumors and even criticize Swiggum when he goes above and beyond his job description. Now we find out that there is a group of people who meet regularly with the sole intention of spreading rumors and lies about Swiggum. These people do nothing to better the community on their own but they tear down others who are trying to get something accomplished. They know who they are.

Commend not Reprimand

Instead of reprimands, the City Council should congratulate Swiggum for his hard work and treat him with nothing but gratitude. To tell you the truth, I'm glad that at my age I won't have to watch the city fall into the meanness and hypocrisy that seems to be on everyone's lips.

As a wise man once said, if you won't accomplish anything yourself, then get out of the way of people who do. If nothing else, keep your mouth shut and let people like Tim Swiggum do what he does best for the city.

Allen Gajewsky


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