Jobs on an international platform

Mark Tobola

Jobs on an international platform

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January 11, 2022

Usually I’m not impressed with the news shown by CNN.  But as the saying goes, sometimes even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.  

In this instance, the host of the television series “Dirty Jobs” was interviewed. His name is Mike Rowe, and he’s made it his job to get out there and do the “dirty jobs” that exist all over the nation, and that are often critical to keeping the nation going, every day, all day. In this instance, he was interviewed about the jobs situation as it stands today in the USA.

I have to admit that I may not agree with everything Mike Rowe has to say, but I do admit that he’s one respectable man for having cameras watch him do jobs. That’s right, cameras, recording, him, doing jobs for the first time, and doing them the best he is able to do them.  

I also have to admit that he is very respectable man because he has done a great job of discussing very hard to discuss topics, without dragging any of the other “topics” along with said topic. He doesn’t discuss anything, except jobs; jobs, what they are, what they aren’t, etc. He just talks about jobs. Nothing else. 

In this interview he was asked about the over 10 million job openings that need to be filled in the United States, and he offers thoughts of what he’s hearing as he is all over the nation. There is a gap. There is a gap between expectations of what a “good job” is versus the reality of what jobs just are. And there is a gap between what people expect to get paid, what the pay really is, what the benefits may or may not be – health insurance, retirement, all of it – and time home, time off, sick time, etc.

For employers and job seekers, we live in interesting times. And those times mean that we all get to pay more for what we want, because people want more for what they do, in every area.  It is an interesting paradox, because as we all want more, it means we have to also pay more. And, that creates a cycle. And, maybe that cycle is just the way things are, and maybe not?  I don’t know.  But I’m glad that Mike Rowe was able to share what he is hearing on an international platform.

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Mark Tobola

Mark Tobola is a resident of Thorp and weekly columnist.