Love is the Answer

Nicole Rogers

Love is the Answer

3 min.
May 4, 2021

Brooding Mindset

Many people struggle to find cheer and hope in the world or value in their own lives. It is a struggle to keep the dark thoughts out and lightness in. The big picture of life screams at them with too many voices and opinions many not even rooted in fact and too many rooted in hatred. Storm clouds brood in their minds blotting out the good thoughts. Those minds get muddled and dark, and the truth is lost. The most important things in life are lost in a yellow/green haze which fills their minds much like the quiet, dank air preceding a tornado. 

A person can choke on the enormity of the darkness and find it too much to digest. Perhaps taking in smaller doses of light can help break up the storms brewing in troubled minds. I find this helpful and necessary. I may not have the answers to the world’s problems or know how to speak with a voice of confidence and knowledge to solve our problems, but I know one small word that is the answer to all the questions – love. 

This Sunday, Travis spoke at two local churches on this simple but powerful concept. The message was simply God is love and God loves all. No one is left out of love. This simple concept – love – can be easily taken in with a teaspoon. God is love… “gulp”… it goes down so smoothly.

 Love Revealed in Nature

God shows his love in the little things in nature which are fresh and new during this time of year. It can be seen in the butter-yellow and pure white daffodils which brighten corners of your neighbor’s backyard or patios. Love can be felt in the twinkle of a child’s eyes as they pick the first dandelion of the Spring and bring that glorious weed to their youthful cheek to feel it’s softness and warmth. God’s love for us can be heard in that old familiar “kerplop” as a fishing lure is casted into the lake on opening fishing season. 

Love can be witnessed in a barnyard serenade. I was inspired by a photo shared by subscriber Becky Koller of her grandson Casey. Her little grandson sat in the sun singing to their barn cat Buster. Boy, that brought back sweet memories of my own children enjoying the wonders of springtime on the farm and the numerous kittens they discovered nestled among the bales in the hayloft. 

Love can even be found on a dreary Monday morning as birds chirping can be heard from an open bedroom window. The tweets and twitters beckon you to rise and remind you that life is good and sweet and worth living and you are loved. You… with all your faults are part of the love that God created. Stay on the sunny side, everyone.

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.