Meadowview Golf Course Monday Night Men’s League 2021

Meadowview Golf Course Monday Night Men’s League 2021

2 mins
August 3, 2021

 Standings After Week 10 (July 26, 2021)

The Masters Division 

Sterling Bank421

In Stitches And Ink415

All Metal Stamping412      

Colby Fire Fighters409          

Forward Financial386

Cozy Corner315

PGA Division

Ozark Insurance451

Bud Light420

Abby Bank417 


Next Gen Foam Insulation 383

Tour Division  

Tolley's Bowl & Bar423

Bob's Corner Garage404

Badger Precision388


B & B Small Engines352

LOW GROSS                               

Ashton Thompson33

Quincy Devine35

Bill Devine36

Mark Schmidt37

Randy Hesgard37

Mark Meyer38

Paul Blazer38

Dick Boening39

Jerry Ocanas39

LOW NET     

Ryan Gutsch29Chuck Rabitz28

Dennis Wilson31

Ashton Thompson32

Jesse Nelson32

Chris Halinka33

Pete Devine33

Quincy Devine33

Randy Hesgard33

Ron Morrow33

Wade hatlestad33

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