Naked Olympics?

Mark Tobola

Naked Olympics?

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August 3, 2021

Today is July 26th as I write this. In the BBC News, I saw a headline that made me laugh... I didn't read any further, because of how absurd the headline was. But here what got me laughing so hard: What if the Olympics were Naked again?

What made me laugh even harder was that in another news media source, this was the headline:
German Gymnasts Wear Unitards Because Women Don’t Need To Be Half -Naked To Compete

Now, those of us who know our history know that the first Olympians did compete without clothing. Many of the runners felt that doing so let them run faster. It was the custom of the time. But I digress. That's the historical viewpoint...

I am going to admit that I'm shocked at both of these headlines. At what point have we gone from "having a sensible competition uniform" to "over-sexualized uniform" to "let's have no uniforms or clothing at all!"  I would be under the impression that every competitor would want to be wearing the proper wardrobe for their event, and not have their wardrobe be so skimpy that it may as well not exist. I mean, that would be the definition of "good taste," wouldn't you think?  And if you're representing your nation, and your sport, at the Olympics, wouldn't you think that proper attire would be a part of that consideration, too?

I have many more questions and could write a huge article about this. Instead, I just find myself thinking and wondering "how did we get here?" Maybe that's where I should leave it and let the "smarter" heads prevail.

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Mark Tobola

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