New COVID Variant in Wisconsin

Riley Hebert

New COVID Variant in Wisconsin

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September 14, 2021

Since being designated as a variant of concern last week, state health officials are noting cases of the Mu variant here in Wisconsin.

Epidemiologists said the Mu variant, which was first discovered in Colombia back in January, has now been detected in 47 states. The Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene’s data on Mu show cases of this variant were identified as early as this April.

There have been 48 cases of this variant discovered of those tested, with July accounting for 65% of its cases to date. However, it is nowhere near the number of Delta variant cases still coming into Wisconsin.

Delta Numbers Up

Ninety-eight percent of all COVID-19 cases tested last month in Wisconsin were identified as Delta. The Delta variant is also responsible for the majority of new cases now sweeping the United States.

Doctors admit there is still a lot they don’t know about the Mu variant, but have said that the more people who get vaccinated, the fewer opportunities the virus has to mutate.

Chief Medical Advisor to the President, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he doesn’t want to downplay the risks of the Mu variant, but said he does not think it’s an immediate threat to the U.S. There have been outbreaks of Mu in Columbia and Ecuador.

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Riley Hebert

Riley Hebert is news director for Central Wisconsin Broadcasting.