No Questions Asked of Where You’ve Been - a poem

Don Wyeth

No Questions Asked of Where You’ve Been - a poem

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July 20, 2021

No Questions Asked of Where You’ve Been

by Don Wyeth (1967)

Take off your mask and give your name,

In death, this bitter-sweetened place.

For here and now we are all the same.

You see your nature face-to-face,

And give account, for all is through

Of life on earth and men we knew.

You weep, for all is lost, you say.

How’s this with now your conscience clear?

“I weep for with my soul I’ll pay.

I have my doubts, they kindle fear.

For things I’ve said and done of late.

I fear are sure to seal my fate.”

But, don’t you know of Saving Grace,

Whose spirit true compassion bore,

Which out of love has made this place

Where those with bothered souls and sore

Can come and drink the cup of Peace

And feel all cares and sorrows cease?

“There was a mention once of this.

I even asked of Saving Grace;

But felt quite sure that I’d been missed.

For how can one who has earned disgrace

Win favor with the Holy One,

The King, the Everlasting Son?”

Fear not, my friend, if you’ve made fail,

And fallen short of holiness.

His promises of Life prevail.

With mercy, honor He will bless.

You need not fear, you’re taken in.

No questions asked of where you been.

This article was orginally reported by
Don Wyeth

Passionate and intelligent columnist from Madison, WI.