Not Doing Nothing

Mark Tobola

Not Doing Nothing

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October 26, 2021

I was flipping through some headlines and came across one that kind of had me very surprised. It read along the lines of...  Someone was shocked when they told a prominent politician that one of their staff was caught doing very "naughty" stuff online. And the prominent politician didn't seem to be impacted by that news at all.  

You know, this is my full stop moment. This is one of those deals where I see this, and I read the article, and I was caught by surprise by how bad it was. It was about someone who was looking to get a rise out of a political figure by telling them something very shocking, borderline disturbing. And this same person was angry that their target wasn't acting out like a child over it. And that is the news headline.

I'm really dismayed at how shallow, selfish, and degrading this article was, and how badly it reflects upon the people of America as a whole. I was brought up that we respect those who are even-keeled, and don't have explosive responses to even the most wild of things said to us.  I was also taught that it's very rude, disrespectful, and inappropriate to specifically try to get people irritated to the point of outburst, as that's a reflection of poor character.  

And the more I age, grow, and learn... the more I see how this type of undesirable behavior is now "everyday America." And I don't like it. And I don't like that the mainstream media is pushing it. And I don't like that it's being pushed as "acceptable," either. It goes against being an American, in my opinion. It shows how poor the character of our nation is becoming. And that alarms me!  And I feel it should alarm ALL of us!

"Evil Triumphs when Good People do Nothing."  I'm going to continue to fight to do the right thing, and NOT do nothing.  I hope that some of you will join me.

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Mark Tobola

Mark Tobola is a resident of Thorp and weekly columnist.