O-W Elementary Receives $2k Nutrition Grant

O-W Elementary Receives $2k Nutrition Grant

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September 14, 2021

by Kate Kazan

Owen-Withee Elementary School along with Granton Area School both received a $2,000 grant from GENYOUth and Land O’ Lakes to help nourish students with healthy meals and nutritious milk daily. The funds will provide school meals to a higher percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced-priced (F/R) meals based on household income. 

With USDA's unprecedented decision to extend healthy school meals free of charge to all students regardless of household income through June 2022, GENYOUth recently collected survey data from over 1,000 school nutrition professionals nationwide to assess urgent concerns and needs for school nutrition programs as they prepare to feed more students in the upcoming school year. Among its results, the survey found that student hunger and food insecurity remain a top concern for schools.

With over 30 million students depending on school meal programs for a substantial portion of their daily nutrition, GENYOUth's End Student Hunger Fund helps schools across the nation obtain the resources and equipment necessary to ensure continuity of school meal programs. 

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