O-W FBLA Chapter Attends Fall Leadership Conference

O-W FBLA Chapter Attends Fall Leadership Conference

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October 12, 2021

by Tawny Ruppert, Owen-Withee FBLA Chapter

Last Tuesday, October 5, the Owen-Withee FBLA Chapter had the pleasure of attending a FBLA Fall Leadership Conference taking place on the UW-Stout campus. 

The event started at 8:30 a.m. with a Q&A of seven UW-Stout business major students. The students explained the overall of the business program at Stout as well as answering some questions about the business courses at Stout and about UW-Stout as a whole. 

After the Q&A, members of different FBLA chapters across central Wisconsin were split into three groups and attended three sessions across a total of three hours. The sessions included one where members were taught an overview of all the opportunities in FBLA, including information about competitions and other conferences, led by the State Parliamentarian, Henry Pike, and the Region IV Vice President, Mya Colburn. 

Another session, led by Region I Vice President, Emma Wick, and Region II Vice President, Lilly-Jo Stojack, where we learned how to set up and plan a community fundraiser. The other session was a tour of the UW-Stout campus, led by one of Stout's very own students. 

The conference ended at 2:30 p.m. and we arrived back at the Owen-Withee High School around 3:40 p.m. The event was a very fun time and allowed us all to meet others in our area in FBLA and make friends, along with teaching us all very important life skills.

OWHS attendees included:

Arndt, Reina

Bender, Autumn

Bottlemy, Grayce

Gay, Mason

Graski, Alyssa

Graski, Cassidy

Halida, Sidney

Lobacz, Lydia

Nelson, Autumn

Nernberger, Damian

Petersen, Ellie

Petke, Amelia

Ruppert, Tawny

Schwab, Spenser

Shelton, Dakota

Simington, Connor

Wendler, Rob

Wulff, Wyatt

The Owen-Withee FBLA group that attended the Fall Leadership Conference at UW-Stout. (Photo by Caleb Green)

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