O-W PD Officer Haugstad Introduces New Partner Jimi

Nicole Rogers

O-W PD Officer Haugstad Introduces New Partner Jimi

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June 8, 2021

The Owen-Withee Police Committee met on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 6 p.m. Committee members in attendance were Pam Jaffke, Everett Lindgren, Ken Martine, Bob Wilczek, Gordy Niemi, Randy Shelton; Owen C/T Tracy Rau, CDC Tim Swiggum, OW PD Chief Ibarra, OW PD Officer David Juzwiak, OW PD Officer Jacob Haugstad and OW PD K9 Officer Jimi. 

The pressing topic of the night was the resignation of Chief Ibarra and the resignation of Officer David Juzwiak. Gordy Niemi spoke up regarding Chief’s resignation. He said he had a talk with Chief and felt there had been a lack of communication collectively and they did not realize how much stress he was under. Niemi volunteered to be a liaison to the police officers when they needed to discuss problems or just need to talk something out. Everett Lindgren also offered to be a support for the police officers. 

Chief Ibarra told the committee not to take it personally and that it was something on his end and he just needed a break. He reassured the committee that he would not leave them hanging and that he would stick around until they hired someone new. In fact, he said he would like to be part of the hiring process. 

The committee expressed their disappointment in his resignation and commented how much they appreciated him and hated to see him leave. 

“What if you take a leave of absence? You are good at your job; I hate to see you go.” Randy Shelton asked the chief.

“I would consider it. I do need a break.” Chief replied.

The committee then agreed to plan a closed session meeting to discuss options to offer a leave of absence perhaps a medical-type leave. At this point, Chief agreed to delay his resignation. 

Officer Dave Juzwiak announced that he will be handing in his letter of resignation and that he has accepted a job at the Stanley Prison. He would possibly be starting the new job in two weeks. The committee also express sadness in his leaving. 

K9 Update

Officer Jacob Haugstad brought in the new K9 Officer Jimi to meet the committee. Owen C/T Tracy Rau made a neck scarf for Jimi with the OW PD badge on it and officially swore him in. Officer Jake proudly announced that they had passed the K9 certification and Jimi was now ready to work. The training will be ongoing however, as Jake and Jimi will have to put in 16 hours of training per month. 

OW PD K9 officer Jimi was sworn in at the last OWPD meeting. (Photo by Nicole Rogers)

Officer Jake explained that Jimi does not get food rewards but is given dog toys as a reward for good police work. He is a very friendly, high energy German Boxer, who spits and sputters like a Studebaker when excited. Jimi can jump high and even though he is not a bite dog, he is protective and strong and can attack if needed. Jimi will live full-time with Officer Jake who has two other dogs, a female poodle and a male German Shepherd. Jimi and the poodle get along fine but Jake said he and the German Shepherd will not meet as they are both alpha males. 

Thanks to generous donations from the community and local businesses, all expenses incurred with the K9 unit have been covered. So far around $10,000 has been raised and it was announced that there is a matching grant which will bring in another $7,500. 

It was reported that people who deal drugs try to avoid towns that have K9 officers so look out Owen-Withee, Officer Jimi is ready and raring to sniff out drugs and help keep his community safe.  

This article was orginally reported by
Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.