O-W Police Committee discuss equipment updates

Nicole Rogers

O-W Police Committee discuss equipment updates

2 min.
January 11, 2022

The Owen-Withee Police Committee met. on Jan. 4 at the Owen City Hall. Those in attendance were committee members Pam Jaffke, Everett Lindgren, Bob Wilczek, Gordy Niemi, and Randy Shelton; staff Owen Clerk/Treasurer Tracy Rau and Officer Haugstad and Chief Feldman. 

Approve Minutes

The Dec. 12 minutes were approved with one amendment;the purchase of new handguns and rifles was approved was in 2020 not 2017. 

Monthly Report

Chief Fehlman did not have a monthly report to hand out at this time, he said they have been setting it up on the computer and will have it next month. He did say that there was nothing major happening in December and the city behaved itself on New Year’s Eve. 

“There was an uptick in school visits and sexual assault cases.” Office Haugstad commented. “But the drug cases in school has gone down significantly from last year.”

Equipment Update

Officer Haugstad’s squad has been in the shop due to 13,000 idle hours, the timing was most likely the issue. The issue has been fixed preventing any major damage to engine. Dana Supply helped piece together the equipment for the vehicles. Chief reported that they will have Red Line located in Osseo outfit the squads as they are dedicated to this line of work. He added that the monitoring system for the K-9 equipment is now in. 

A drop box is to installed at both the Village of Withee office and at Owen City Hall. Citizens can then drop off complaint forms and eventually have electronic forms to fill-out that will be emailed directly to city hall. Sound board has been ordered and will be installed in the chief’s office. 

Finance Report

The committee reviewed the Financial Report and approved it with a Wilczek/Lindgren motion. The report revealed the O-W Police account had a balance of $124,916.79 and the K-9 account with $1,292.20. There were no questions on disbursements or accounts payable.

Future Agenda Items

Lindgren brought up the subject of installing a time clock once again. Chief explained that officers are logged in on the computer as soon as they enter their squads and the county uses GPS to record the vehicles. This is public record. Clerk/Treasurer Rau requested talking about over-time for the ex-chief and Officer Haustad from going to 85 1/2 hours to 80, they might need to get back pay. 


The meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m. The next meeting will be held Feb. 1, 6 p.m. at Owen City Hall.

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.