O-W School Board Picks FEMA Construction Mgmt

Travis Rogers, Jr.

O-W School Board Picks FEMA Construction Mgmt

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The Owen-Withee school board met on Monday, June 22, at 7 p.m. The board reviewed the three referendum construction management bids from Market & Johnson, Miron, and CESA 10. 

 Market & Johnson had done work for Spencer and Thorp school districts in their referendums, Miron had worked recently with Colby’s school district, and CESA 10 admitted to never having worked with a FEMA grant before. In the end, a Dean Schmeltzer/Paul Heggemeier motion for the approval of the market and Johnson referendum/construction management bed was unanimously approved by the board.

In other business, Margery Monaghan-Wittenberg was unanimously approved on a Schmeltzer/Rick Eloranta motion as the new high school special education teacher. Barry Dmytro, fresh out of school, was approved for hire for the middle school social studies/high school online education coordinator on a Kim Amacher/Rick Eloranta motion.

The second reading of policy 671.5 regarding employee compensation under unexpected or extraordinary circumstances was approved after a Rick Eloranta/Paul Hage Meyer motion.

After the conclusion of the board meeting, Owen-Withee school district administrator Bob Houts was asked about be plans for the upcoming school year. Houts responded jovially, “Man, I just heard from DPI today and got an 87-page guideline from them.”

Asked whether or not the school would be changing its schedule or even adopting some kind of platoon system, Houts responded, “No, we are going to try to observe business as usual regarding class schedules. We will take measures that will include smaller class sizes and even perhaps having lunch in the classrooms, Instead of the larger gathering in the cafeteria.”                   

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Travis Rogers, Jr.

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