Oh, That Stimulus

Arian Knops

Oh, That Stimulus

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January 4, 2021

Dear Editor -

I will be sending this letter to several newspapers in the off chance that the single solitary honest and caring individual in congress will read it. I think that person will be an Independent and belong to no political party and have the door of their mind opened just a crack. The party line hacks don’t seem to be able to think for themselves.  Their minds, from a layman’s view, seem to be locked in a vacuum.

Chances are slim, but here goes my idea for the next ‘stimulus’ check.

Instead of using $75,000 as a ceiling for an individual, set the limit at $68,400 for a family. This amount is the median income for families in the United States for 2019. People who break that threshold would not get a dime.  So, you made $68,401. Sorry, you are out of luck. My immediate family would be in the out of luck category. I know a number of people who are retired who would also fall into this category while many younger people starting out make an income low enough to get the government check.

Such an idea would benefit the always poor, the always under employed, the under educated, minorities, and a good number of the aged. These are all people who could really use the money. It would be a step in a good, not necessarily the right, direction. I’m a firm believer that if the Government of the United States took the entire worth of all the citizens of the country and divided it up equally that in five years the people who were poor before the equalization would be poor again and the rich would be rich, or at least comfortable, again.

I say this because if some of the recipients, especially the dregs of society types, are anything like my former daughter-in-law they would immediately piss the money away on such ‘necessities’ as a tattoo, an overpriced piece of jewelry, alcohol or drugs. The rent and food be damned. There are rich druggies, drunks and over-tattooed fools also. I know some. But most people I know who have made a bunch of money and know how to preserve the wealth they’ve accumulated in their lives are the ones capable of living a lush lifestyle no matter how others are doing.  They simply know how to make more money than they really need. They do not need a ‘stimulus’ check.

Arian Knops, Bruce

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Arian Knops

Arian is a short story contributor to the Sentinel & Rural News. Arian has written two full-length thrillers which have received critical and popular acclaim. Arian lives in Bruce, WI, with his charming wife, Arlene.