On Thanksgiving and Art Feldman

Nicole Rogers

On Thanksgiving and Art Feldman

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November 30, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed a restful and delicious Thanksgiving Day. As you may have already read from Travis’s column, we had a great one with family. We were grateful to be able to share our home with our family and I dug especially deep into myself and shared my germs, also. Sorry, Tiffany and Mike! I came down with a sore throat at the beginning of the week and was pretty much hacking and sniffling all through Thanksgiving vacation. I had received my COVID booster two weeks before, so I was certain it was not COVID, but I took a home test just to make sure. And yep, no COVID—just an annoying head cold. I noticed after three days, a couple of our house guests were coughing and popping vitamins and Formula 44. I hope the head cold was worth their visit. Besides the minor health issue, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we both counted our blessings over and over.

The sad news of Art Feldman’s passing found us as we were splitting our Men’s Breakfast Special at Cozy on Friday. Art has been such a prominent and dedicated part of the Owen-Withee community, as well as the school district for many decades as his obituary revealed. He has been a teacher, principal, coach, a Lion, a church member, and a wonderful husband to Alice and father to Sarah, Shelly, and Jamie and, of course grandfather. 

I have always looked up to Art from little on as my first memory of him was as my Sunday School Teacher. As I grew older, he was my Jr. High basketball coach for a short while. I remember trying my best to impress him on the basketball court, his praise meant the world to me, especially at that young awkward age. Just a few words such as “good shot” or “nice ball handling” filled me with confidence. A few years down the line, his opinions and guidance boosted my ego again as I student taught when he was the O-W Elementary School principal. At the time, I was finishing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders. I was pretty nervous when I presented my first IEP report in front of the students’ parents, teachers and Art Feldman as Principal. After my evaluation of the student and presentation of the plan, Art told me, “Very nice job.” It was just a few simple words but coming from him it meant the world. 

I am surely not alone in the Art Feldman admiration club. His quick humor and overall warmth won over many people, throughout the years. He will be dearly missed by so many. My deepest condolences go out his wife Alice and his family. 

I know it can be difficult right now but try to stay on the sunny side everyone.

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Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers, lives in Owen, WI, and is the co-editor for the Sentinel & Rural News.