Opposing Equality and the Equality Act

Opposing Equality and the Equality Act

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March 22, 2021

Dear Editor -

I am writing in response to the article supporting equality and the Equality Act of 3/16/21. It was more than disappointing to read a deceiving article like that. As we live on in end times people are more and more accepting of gross in, believing it is right or OK. [see Second Timothy 4:1-5] 

As for LGBTQIA+ folks, let's read the Bible. See what it's saying. Read Genesis chapter 2 where it says God created man and woman (male and female) nothing else. And God wants it to stay this way.  

Read Genesis chapters 18 and 19 about Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexuality sin was great. Genesis 18:20 says the Lord said their sin is very grievous. Chapter 19 tells us God destroyed these cities because of this sin. God is an unchanging God and still views LGBTQIA+ as wrong. Yes, Jesus does love every person on earth equally but not their sins. Which is why he came to earth to die for our sins. [John 3:16]

As for LGBTQIA+ God created no one to be such a person. But they have allowed themselves to become so by wrong thinking thereby becoming deceived. Read Romans 11:18-32, also Jude. These scriptures are clear answers to such things. 

Ministers, fathers, mothers must teach the whole biblical truth. 

Marvin Z Nolt, Withee

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