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Jackie Reinke

Outdoor Report

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November 17, 2020

This is the week the deer hunters have been waiting for. There seems to be ample deer around but the availability of ammo is not plentiful. If you haven't gotten your hunting gear and shells rounded up, don't put it off any longer. The supplies are very limited.

Gun season is November 21-29, statewide. Muzzleloader season is Nov. 30-Dec.9. Antlerless only hunt is Dec.10-13. You may bow hunt through Friday Nov.20. On Saturday Nov. 21-Dec.13 you may continue to bow hunt but you must wear blaze orange and you cannot group hunt with a bow. 

The antlerless hunt Dec10-13 is antlerless only whether you are using a gun or bow and you must possess an antlerless tag for the area you are hunting in. After Dec.13 you may continue to bow hunt and wear camouflage through the 1st Sunday in January. 

There is an antlerless Holiday Hunt Dec. 24-Jan.1 for gun and bow but only in 6 select counties in Wisconsin. For more information see the Fall 2020-Spring2021 Wisconsin Hunting Regulations available at O-W Sports, Owen. Area antlerless bonus authorizations available in our area as of Nov 16, public and private accordingly. 

Buffalo 167-1123 

Chippewa Farmland 0-894

Chippewa Forest 0-436 

Clark Farmland0-280

Clark Forest0-0

Marathon 0-0

Taylor 0-1005.          

Bear applications for the 2021 season are due by Dec. 10 as well as the 2021 Spring Turkey.  Anyone participating in any outdoor activity this Saturday through Dec 13 should have on some blaze orange or florescent pink. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, a great hunting season and stay safe.

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