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Jackie Reinke

Outdoor Report

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October 12, 2020

Fall fishing is upon us but once again we must depend on Mother Nature. There have been Musky caught on the Black River but water levels seem a bit low for the Walleye to come upstream yet. You may catch a few Crappie on area lakes but you really have to work for them

As the close of hunting hours on Tuesday, October 13, all bear seasons are closed.

Antlerless Tags

Area counties with bonus antlerless tags available as of October 12, 2020. Below are the areas with remaining public and remaining private tags.

Buffalo 198-1263

Chippewa central farmland 0-1251

Chippewa N forest 0-671

Clark central farmland 0-828

Clark central forest 0-0

Eau Claire central farmland 0-255

Eau Claire central forest 0-0

Marathon 0-426

Taylor 0-1857

Wood central farmland 0-0 

Wood central forest 0-0

Bonus harvest authorizations are $5 for any person under the age of 12, $12.00 for residents and $20.00 for nonresidents. 

Where available, bonus antlerless harvest authorizations may be purchased at the rate of 1 harvest authorization per person per day until the unit is sold out or the hunting season ends. Although harvest authorizations will not be weapon or season specific, they will be unit and land type, that is public or private, specific. At purchase, you will be asked to identify the deer management zone and unit and whether you want the harvest authorization to be valid for public or private lands. In order to hunt antlerless deer on private lands enrolled in the managed forest law and forest crop law lands programs designated as open to hunting as well as voluntary public access lands, you must have a valid public land antlerless harvest authorization .

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